The Sixties Radical- Azriel Make Peace with G-d!

These words my teacher Pastor Steve Gray Sunday spoke June 24 rattled around in my head. I couldn’t shake them. They pierced my mind, my heart, my body and my soul. “Reconciliation with G-d. Make peace with G-d. And then with everybody else. The whole family of G-d. Reconcile with G-d.”

Then I saw the cloud of G-d coming into the sanctuary. This is the cloud that went with us Jews in the desert. It protected us from the missiles and arrows fired at us from Egypt and our enemies. It gave us protection from the desert heat during the day and gave us warmth in the cold desert night.  This protection was the blessing G-d gave Aaron according to the Baal Shem Tov Miriam.

These words struck even deeper into me spoken by my teacher Pastor Steve Gray:” We were given the ministry of reconciliation. G-d is making his appeal through us.”

Then I saw my own deep seeded anger and resentment at Christianity that needs to be rooted out of me. It is wrong. It is based on wrong teaching and faulty logic. Then I saw what G-d wants. He wants “co-workers” to help build the bridge to reconcile us Jews and Christian so we can be the full family of G-d.

Let me help with this reconciliation HaShem Yeshua.

HaShem Yeshua root out this evil inclination out of me. Bring me to peace with my Jewish roots and who I am as a G-dly Jew who is a follower and believer that Yeshua is the Moshiach- the anointed one the Jewish Messiah and use this to reconcile the entire family of G-d into one house- The House of Israel to share this with my fellow Jews.

Thank you, Pastor Steve, for the good kick in the butt

G-d spoke to me and the rest of the Jews through my teacher Pastor Steve Gray. It time for us to forgive Christians, so we together can be the light unto the world to reconcile with G-d.