The Sixties Radical- Azriel You Are The Seed 0f Avraham

G-d spoke through Pastor James today Sunday July 22nd. When Pastor James said; “You are the seed of Avraham and you are blessed and an heir to the promises of G-d.” These very words sent shock waves through me.

In my morning prayers this Jew has been crying out to HaShem to remind HIM I am a son of Avraham and Sarah. This is my heritage and who I am.

The next statement dug even further into my entire heart, mind, body and soul:” We are to be a blessing to the world and a light unto the nations.”

Then theses G-dly words followed;” You are a chosen generation and a purchased people by G-d.”

Then I saw my Jewish Heritage explode before my eyes Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov followed our teacher Moshe, then David, and finally HaShem taking the human form of Yeshua to bring the House of Israel back to my Father’s house followed by the entire world to know the one true living G-d and to worship under one house- The house of HaShem Yeshua.

This is the real kicker. When Pastor James quoted YECHEZK’EL 37:14 I almost lost it. For the past two weeks in my morning I have been speaking to breathe the breath of life over the dry bones of my life, my family, my nation and the entire House of Israel to get up out of our graves to bring us back to life so we can have the land you HaShem have promised us.

This happens every time Pastor James preaches. He preaches about what I have been praying about or going through.

This is why I have such a profound and deep respect for Pastor James.

Pastor James is truly a mighty man of G-d.