The Sixties Radical- Azriel Hate What is Evil!

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray has ESPN I mean ESP or what? Joke intended. This happens all the time when my teacher opens his mouth and the word of G-d comes forth.

This is exactly what this Jewish follower of Yeshua needed to here.

Let’s cut to the chase.  These words came straight from HaShem Yeshua Sunday August 5th. These words tie in directly with what my Torah and Tanya lessons were for this past week.

“G-d wants you to become something and then do something We all have different gifts but we all better have the same faith.”

I always had this backwards. Become something and then do something.  This is so unG-dly. No wonder I was in such deep doo-doo.  When HaShem dropped me at the doorstep of World Revival Church so this unG-dly Jew come back to his roots.

HaShem led me to my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

Without my teacher Pastor Steve Gray this Jew would be a dead Jew.  You see I was dead to the ways and word of G-d and the sad part was I didn’t even know it until HaShem Yeshua opened my eyes and showed me that my teacher Pastor Steve Gray is a trustworthy man of G-d.

I completely trust and respect my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

Let me it to you in another way Torah needs to be taught. The Torah needs to be learned not studied. Torah needs to be learned from a teacher. This why I must have a teacher to teach me about Torah.

For Torah truths are highly personal to me.

Torah is not theoretical. Torah implicates me in what I am doing right and wrong. What I need to change so I can walk in the ways of G-d.

So, this Jew can be a G-dly Jew.

This is what I want to be a G-dly Jew.

G-d used my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to start me for real to study Torah and the Tanya.  This started on November 22nd, 2016.

Most important of all this Jew is now learning to walk in the ways of HaShem Yeshua

This means every day I study Torah and Tanya.

And by doing this action it has changed the way I see and interact with the world. Some days I am a horse’s rear end and when that happens I make amends for my wrongs. I admit them and ask HaShem to change me. My entire being.

This is the real kicker “Hate what is evil and cling to what is good.”

These words came to my mind from one of my Tanya lessons. If you are kind to cruel you will be cruel to the kind.

The source of all life comes from HaShem Yeshua.

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