The Sixties Radical- Azriel I need a Doctor

G-d heard my cries. I have been crying out for the mercy and kindness of G-d for many months now.  HaShem Yeshua spoke to me through my teacher Pastor Steve Gray  Sunday August 26th.

These words sent shock waves through me:” I know what you are thinking. Why do you entertain evil thoughts?”

Those evil thoughts used to be almost 24/7 now when these evil thoughts attack me I use the word of G-d to fight them. I cry out to HaShem to murder the evil inclination in me.  L–rd murder these wrong thoughts and ideas out of me. Let me think and act like you.

Then my teacher said these key words from the lips of HaShem Yeshua:” All of this was given to you by G-d All the things I G-d have done for you.” And then I knew what an ingrate I can be at times and then I saw the triangle of the three attributes of G-d that were given to Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov. Avraham was given the attribute of Chesed Kindness. Yitz’chak was given Gevurah severity and Ya’akov was given Tiferet compassion.

Then I saw HaShem take the human form of Yeshua to show us the complete compassion of HaShem to deliver us back to all of us to the House of Israel.

This all goes back to Ya’akov. This is the linage of Yeshua. The root of G-d taking the human form of Yeshua began with the son Ya’akov Y’hudah.

Then I saw where my root is. My root is Gevurah. Study, study, study, Contraction, contraction, contraction, fear of G-d, fear of G-d.  Then I heard the voice compassion- mercy.

These are the words that brought tears to my eyes when my teacher Pastor Steve Gray spoke them:” Let people see my faith not my panic.’

Then I saw where I fall short. G-d please I know I am a sick and I need your mercy and kindness. Then in turn let me do mercy and kindness to my family, friends and co-workers.  For Love is internal while kindness is the external action of my love.

For you see the Jew is the tax collector. This is one I identify with.  I am the one wouldn’t set foot in a Synagogue for many years until a man came into my life and made strong suggestion for me to go back to your roots. It was more like a kick in the butt.

I went for a while. It never took until Yeshua said I am the one you are crying for and looking for.  This simple action of faith brought me to my teacher Pastor Steve Gray. Thus, my teacher Pastor Steve Gray brought me full circle to now where I study the Torah and Tanya on a daily basis.

My teacher Steve Gray showed me how to be a G-dly Jew.

For in the end my teachers’ words sum it all up quite well:” The key to faith is when you know you are sick and you need a doctor.”

HaShem Yeshua spoke to me through my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

I need a doctor.

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