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Azriel The Help of G-d



Here is a short history lesson. Many do not realize how close we came to defeating Rome. We almost pulled it off except there was one major problem Bar Kochba thought he was The Messiah, The Moshiach and this was his downfall. G-d sent us the real Jewish Messiah Yeshua before the second destruction of the Temple in Av 9 70 AD. Yeshua told us this would happen forty years before the actual destruction took place.

The foreshadowing of this event happened when Yeshua was crucified on the cross. When Yeshua died on the cross the Temple veil was torn in half.

Thus we were doomed to failure.


Bar Kochba became corrupt with power and this led to him killing his uncle Rabbi Elazar HaModai. We must learn that HaShem is the true living G-d. G-d sent His son Yeshua to us to save us from our corrupt ways. Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. The very living and breathing soul of HaShem in the flesh  is Yeshua.

Yeshua is our Messiah to save us so we can be the light to the nations of the world. G-d used us to give Yeshua to the rest of the world. Thus both Jew and Gentile will become one new man worshiping  Yeshua and HaShem on Mount Tziyon together.

This is taken from

“The Temple was no more. Jerusalem had been conquered. Rome had asserted its might and crushed the Great Revolt of the Jews. Now there could be quiet.


Virulent anti-Semitism continued unabated in the Roman Empire, generated by the Hellenists who, not happy to leave well enough alone, seemed determined to pour salt onto Jewish wounds.

(This same need for overkill would be exhibited by later enemies of the Jews, who, having exterminated entire Jewish communities, and having no more Jews left to slaughter, would then go on to desecrate Jewish cemeteries and mutilate Jewish corpses.)

The level of hostility and mistreatment of the Jews escalated throughout the Roman Empire to the extent of becoming unbearable.

destruction of the temple

In response, the Jews revolted several times more. Each time thousands of their number were killed. As a result, the average Roman looked at every Jew as a person hostile to Rome. Jews were officially designated as having “enemy status” ― dediticci in Latin.

Of course, the Jews in the Land of Israel had been crushed in the Great Revolt, and ― at least, right after the destruction of the Temple ― did not have the strength to fight. But we must remember that at this time, a considerable number of Jews were living outside Israel. In fact, historians estimate that there were about 5-7 million Jews living in the Roman Empire and at least 60% of that number were living outside the land of Israel. Places like Alexandria, Egypt (one of the most cosmopolitan cities of that era) alone had a Jewish population of about 250,000 and boasted the largest synagogue in the world.


The War of Kittos

In 114 C.E. the emperor Trajan embarked on military a campaign to crush the Parthian (Persian Empire) in the east (today Iraq and Iran) After initial successes, Trajan’s legions suffered a series of defeats and he was forced to retreat (he died while on this campaign in 117). The Jews of the Parthian Empire fought side by side with their Persian allies and embarked on a series of behind-the-lines guerrilla actions. It is also possible that several Jewish Diaspora communities within the Roman Empire also rose up in revolt.

The Roman response, with the help of anti-Semites of the region, was to slaughter the Jews. Several major Jewish communities in the Diaspora; in Cyprus, Libya, Alexandria and Mesopotamia were decimated. This slaughter, is known as The War of Kittos after the Roman military governor of Judea, Lucious Quietus, who brutally persecuted the Jewish population of Israel. (1)

Now it must be noted that while the Romans could be absolutely vicious and brutal in the heat of battle, they did not embark on any kind of policy to mass exterminate the Jewish people. At the time, it wasn’t seen as in the Roman interest to attempt a total massacre of the Jews. It would not have sat well with other conquered peoples, who might think they were next and who might rebel. The Romans were very practical people and this is not something they wanted.



When Publius Aelius Hadrianus, known to us as Hadrian, took the reigns of power in 117 CE, he inaugurated ― at least at first ― an atmosphere of tolerance. He even talked of allowing the Jews to rebuilt the Temple, a proposal that was met with virulent opposition from the Hellenists. (2)

Why Hadrian changed his attitude to one of outright hostility toward the Jews remains a puzzle, but historian Paul Johnson in his History of the Jews speculates that he fell under the influence of the Roman historian Tacitus, who was then busy disseminating Greek smears against the Jews.

Tacitus and his circle were part of a group of Roman intellectuals who viewed themselves as inheritors of Greek culture. (Some Roman nobles actually considered themselves the literal descendants of the Greeks, though there is no historical basis for this myth.) It was fashionable among this group to take on all the trappings of Greek culture. Hating the Jews as representing the anti-thesis of Hellenism went with the territory. Thus influenced, Hadrian decided to spin around 180 degrees. Instead of letting the Jews rebuild, Hadrian formulated a plan to transform Jerusalem into a pagan city-state on the Greek polis model with a shrine to Jupiter on the site of the Jewish Temple.

Nothing could be worse in Jewish eyes than to take the holiest spot in the Jewish world and to put a temple to a Roman god on it. This was the ultimate affront. As bad as this was, the real cause of the revolt seems to have been Hadrian’s attempt to follow in the footsteps of the Selucid Greek Empire 300 years earlier by trying to destroy Judaism. Specifically he targeted Sabbath observance, circumcision, the laws of family purity and the teaching of Torah. An attack against such fundamental commandments of Judaism was bound to trigger a revolt-which it did.


Bar Kochba

Jewish outrage at his actions led to one of the single greatest revolts of the Roman Era. Simon Bar Kosiba led the uprising, which began in full force in 132 CE.

For many years, historians did not write very much about Simon Bar Kosiba. But then, archeologists discovered some of his letters in Nahal Hever near the Dead Sea. If you go to the Israel Museum you can see these letters and they are absolutely fascinating. Some of them pertain to religious observance, because his army was a totally religious army. But they also contain a tremendous amount of historical facts. We learn that the Jews participating in the revolt were hiding out in caves. (These caves have also been found ― full of belongings of Bar Kosiba’s people. The belongings ― pottery, shoes, etc. ― are on display in the Israel Museum, and the caves, though bare, are open to tourists.)

From the letters and other historical data, we learn that in 132 CE, Bar Kosiba organized a large guerilla army and succeeded in actually throwing the Romans out of Jerusalem and Israel and establishing, albeit for a very brief period, an independent Jewish state. The Talmud (Sanhedrin 97b) states that he established an independent kingdom that lasted for two and half years.

Bar Kosiba’s success caused many to believe ― among them Rabbi Akiva, one of the wisest and holiest of Israel’s rabbis ― that he could be the Messiah. He was nicknamed “Bar Kochba” or “Son of Star,” an allusion to a verse in the Book of Numbers (24:17): “there shall come a star out of Jacob.” This star is understood to refer to the Messiah.

Bar Kochba did not turn out to be the Messiah, and later the rabbis wrote that his real name was Bar Kosiva meaning “Son of a Lie” ― highlighting the fact that he was a false Messiah.

At the time, however, Bar Kochba ― who was a man of tremendous leadership abilities ― managed to unite the entire Jewish people around him. Jewish accounts describe him as a man of tremendous physical strength, who could uproot a tree while riding on a horse. This is probably an exaggeration, but he was a very special leader and undoubtedly had messianic potential, which is what Rabbi Akiva recognized in him.

Jewish sources list Bar Kochba’s army at 100,000 men, but even if that is an overestimate and he had half that number, it was still a huge force.

United, the Jews were a force to be reckoned with. They overran the Romans, threw them out of the land of Israel, declared independence and even minted coins. That is a pretty unique event in the history of the Roman Empire.


Roman Response

Rome could not let this be. Such boldness had to be crushed and those responsible punished ― brutally and totally.

But the Jews were not easily overcome. Hadrian poured more and more troops into Israel to fight the Bar Kochba forces until the Romans had enlisted almost half of their entire army, as many as twelve of the twenty four legions of the empire may have been brought into Israel (three times as many as they had sent in to crush the Great Revolt 65 years earlier) to crush the revolt.

Heading this mammoth force was Rome’s best general, Julius Severus. But even with all this might behind him, Julius Severus was afraid to meet the Jews in open battle. This fact alone is very telling, because the Romans were the masters of open battle. But they feared the Jews because they saw them as being willing to die for their faith ― a mentality the Romans thought suicidal. So what happened?

The Roman historian Dio Cassius tells us:

“Severus did not venture to attack his opponents in the open at any one point in view of their numbers and their desperation, but by intercepting small groups. Thanks to the numbers of soldiers and his officers, and by depriving them of food and shutting them up, he was able ― rather slowly to be sure, but with comparatively little danger ― to crush, exhaust and exterminate them. Very few of them in fact survived. Fifty of their most important outposts and 985 of their most famous villages were razed to the ground, and 580,000 men were slain in various raids and battles, and the number of those who perished by famine, disease and fire was past finding out.

“Thus nearly the whole of Judea was made desolate, a result of which the people had had forewarning before the war. For the tomb of Solomon, which the Jews regarded as an object of veneration, fell to pieces of itself and collapsed. And many wolves and hyenas rushed howling into the cities. Many Romans, however, perished in this war. Therefore, Hadrian, in writing to the Senate, did not employ the opening phrase commonly affected by emperors: ‘If you and your children are in health it is well and I and my legions are in health.'”

This account of Deo Cassius ― even if he is exaggerating the numbers ― is very interesting. He tells us that the revolt was very bloody and very costly.

Indeed, the Romans lost an entire legion in battle. The 22nd Roman legion walked into an ambush and was slaughtered and never reconstituted. By the end of the revolt the Romans had to bring virtually half the army of the entire Roman Empire into Israel to crush the Jews.


Why Did the Jews Lose?

Apparently the Jews came very close to winning the war. Indeed, they did win for a time. Why did they lose in the end? The sages say they lost because they were too arrogant. Having tasted victory they adopted the attitude of , “by my strength and my valor I did this.” (Deut. 8:17)

Bar Kochba too became arrogant. He saw himself winning. He heard people calling him the Messiah. Certainly, if Rabbi Akiva thought so, then he had the potential to be Israel’s Ultimate Leader. He also became corrupted by his power and even beat his uncle, the great Rabbi Elazar HaModai, to death, having accepted false accusations that he was a Roman spy (3). Because of these faults he began to lose battles and was forced into retreat and guerrilla warfare.

In Judaism we are taught that while people must make the effort, it is God that wins the wars. It is not human strength nor human might that’s doing it.


The Fall of Betar

Bar Kochba made his final stand in the city of Betar, which is to the southwest of Jerusalem. You can go visit it today, thought ancient Betar has not been excavated. The Talmud (in Gittin 57a) relates what happened in Betar:

 AV 70

They had the custom in Betar that when a baby boy was born they planted a cedar tree and for a baby girl they planted a pine tree, and when they would marry they would cut them down and make a marriage canopy of the branches. One day the daughter of Caesar was passing and the shaft of her litter broke. They cut down a cedar and brought it to her. The Jews of Betar fell upon them and beat them. They reported to Caesar that the Jews were rebelling and marched against them… they killed [Jewish] men, women and children until their blood flowed into the Mediterranean Sea… It was taught that for seven years the gentiles cultivated their vineyards with the blood of Israel without requiring manure for fertilization.

The city fell on the saddest day in the Jewish calendar ― the 9th of Av of the year 135, the same date as both the First and the Second Temple fell.

The Romans, in their fury, did not want to allow the Jewish bodies to be buried; they wanted to leave them out in the open to rot. According to tradition, the bodies lay in the open for months but did not rot. Today, when Jews say the Grace after Meals, Birkat HaMazon, they add a special blessing (ha tov u’mativ) as a way of thanking God for this act of mercy in Betar.

Exhausted, the Romans have had enough of the Jews who had caused them more manpower and material losses than any other people in the history of Empire. At the end of the Bar Kochba revolt, Hadrian decided that the way not to have another one is to cut off the Jews from connection to their beloved land.

My Hebrew name is Azriel This means Help of G-d- The Jewish Messiah

Thank You G-d for bringing this broken down Jewish man and his wife to World Revival Church Kansas City


Yeshua is my King, my saviour, and the L-rd of my life. This doesn’t mean I stop being a Jew instead this strengthens my relationship with my father HaShem.

Like my fellow Jews, Peter, John, and James, to name a few, we have seen the face of G-d in Yeshua and we did not die but we have lived to bring about G-d’s purpose on Earth to bring both Jew and Gentile together worshiping Yeshua, My King, My Saviour and L-rd of my life on Mount Tziyon to advance the Kingdom of G-d.

The man who helped bring me back to my Jewish roots is Pastor Steve Gray at World Revival Church in Kansas City. Pastor Steve Gray took this broken down Jewish man and revived me back to life. Through Pastor Steve’s discipleship brought me to my knees and this began my desire to seek the G-d of my father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov. This desire to please G-d led me to begin studying G-d’s word for real. Reading and studying the Torah, Tanakh, the Mishnah Torah (The Rambam- Maimonides) and The Tanya (Hasidic Philosophy Chabad) November 3rd 2015.


The total dedication of World Revival Church to love, to serve, to seek, and to please G-d led to my rededication and a deeper profound acceptance of the Jewish Messiah- Yeshua on Sunday April 24th at World Revival Church. Without World Revival Church I do not where my wife and I would be. I shudder to think about the alternative.

It is not about me. It is all about G-d.

This is very ironic for Pessac (Passover) began on Sunset April 22nd. And this happens to coincide when Yeshua was crucified one day before Pessac (Passover) began. Yeshua rose from the dead three days later. HE defeated death and gave us eternal life with Yahweh.


Yeshua set in motion for all us Jews to return to HaShem and become HIS people once again. Yet Yeshua was not finished. Sha’ul had his encounter with Yeshua so that Gentiles would be grafted into the tree of life.

Go figure Yeshua spoke to me to get baptized on Sunday April 24th.

Yeshua is my King, saviour and L-rd of my life. This would not have happened if G-d didn’t force me and my wife to move here in May 2014. HaShem closed every door and said, “I am tired of you not obeying me Robert (Azriel is my Hebrew name). I AM closing every door of escape for you Robert. The doors of escape will be slammed shut. Robert, you can try and force your way through. I will stop you however there will come time I will let go through and you shall surely die. I AM WHO I AM. Go to World Revival Church, the desire of your heart, mind, body and soul when saw Pastor Steve on Daystar in 2008. You told me Robert you wanted to go to World Revival Church. Now you will go.”


Pastor Steve is truly G-ds prophet and servant. Pastor Steve has a true heart for Jews and Israel The presence, power and Kiddush HaShem (sanctifying G-d’ house) screams out when one enters World Revival Church.

G-d has anointed Pastor Steve bring about what Yeshua had instructed Sha’ul to do almost two thousand years ago to become one new man where both Jew and Gentile worship together. We will proclaim arm in arm Jew and Gentile that Yeshua our L-rd, King, and Messiah, and this in turn will pave the way for HaShem to reveal to the world G-d’s true nature and who G-d is- Echad- the one and only true necessary existence- creator of all the heavens and earth.


This one new world will be created where there are no more wars, famines, the Lion and the Lamb will rest together. The world will be united under our King and Saviour Yeshua the Jewish Messiah.

World Revival Church is a place where both Jew and Gentile can worship together like we did over two thousand years ago.

The Jewish Messiah- Azriel The Help of G-d



Studying the Torah and the Tanakh teaches one something new every day. This is a direct result of opening one’s self up to the stewardship and discipleship of Pastor Steve Gray at World Revival Church Kansas City. Rabbi Michael Chighel taught me G-d dictated the first four books of the Torah- Genesis Bereishit, Exodus Shemot, Leviticus Vayikra, and Numbers Bamidbar to Moshe. He was G-d’s personal stenographer. This must have been really a neat thing to do.

Devarim Deuteronomy is written in Moshe’s own words. This is called the second giving of the law. Moshe goes through the entire story beginning with Egypt all the way to Moshe’s own death.

G-d used Moshe as a medium to give the much needed word of G-d contact with us and thus this is where Heaven comes down to earth. The message is G-d’s however G-d used Moshe as vehicle to contact us.


Thus G-d is a Jewish author.

The fifth book of the Torah Devarim is what the  Mishneh Torah is based on. These are the 613 Mitzvahs. I never knew this. This is what happens when one learns to become teachable. Thank you Pastor Steve.

Azriel Help of G-d

Ezekiel is one of my favorite prophets. This short paragraph sums up the teachings of Ezekiel. This quote is taken from Chabad Jewish Library. See link below. “Ezekiel was a great teacher. He taught that the revival of the whole nation could come only through the revival of each individual. Every Jew individually was responsible for his life and conduct and had at the same time a responsibility towards the entire nation. The secret of Redemption lay in absolute loyalty to G‑d and His Torah. G‑d is always ready to forgive the sinner who returns to Him in sincere repentance.” This is taken from


Thank G-d for Pastor Steve, Pastor Kathy, Pastor James Koppang, Pastor JD, Pastor Mark, Pastor Brian, Pastor Jack, Bill and Carol Gilpin and All of the Members of World Revival Church in Kansas City.


HaShem/Yeshua is very active at World Revival Church. These reflections were written from July-August 2015. While I was on the floor worshiping Adonai, face down I saw the temple. Then the voice said to me I want to rebuild the temple. This happened on Sunday July 19th 2015.

Pastor James Koppang, spoke about rebuilding of the temple. This is not the first time this has happened with Pastor James and myself. It has happened on three other occasions.

A few days later Tuesday July 20th 2015 another voice said I want you to help me rebuild the temple.


This morning Saturday July 25th 2015 a voice said to me help me prepare the way.

Thursday July 16th 2015 we had a video hook up with the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Tears came to my eyes. While everyone was yelling and screaming I became silent and started to cry. I saw the holiness of the Western Wall. This moment changed me. This is the first time I had been that close to the Western Wall. It was sad yet happy. It was a great day. I can’t really explain it. I can’t get the image of the Western Wall out of my head.

This is the month where the destruction of the first and second temples happened 10th of AV The Jewish calendar. Adonai is speaking to me. It is time to go home. It was like I was there with my people.


A homecoming. Adonai’s purpose is to bridge the gap between Jews and Christians. To get us to become one people, a new man that my King Yeshua instructed us to become. Paul is the new man. He paved the way for this through fire of the Rauch HaKodesh.

The fire of Adonai struck Paul like a lightning bolt. He was never the same. Neither am I.


Azriel The Help of G-d

images 21

This is one of the great lessons that I have learned from Pastor Steve at World Revival Church in Kansas City

The western world looks at human achievement as one who can jump higher, run faster, and one who is stronger than others in society. This is the definition of a perfect specimen of humanity in the western world. This however is not a correct view from the perspective of the Torah and the Tanakh. From G-d’s perspective a perfect specimen of humanity is one who has inner strength and conviction. One who can control his emotions, thoughts and desires not one who is out of control with big muscles like the animal. G-d wants us exercise control over our emotions, thoughts and desires by aligning our heart, our mind, our body and our soul with G-d’s direction which is given to us in the Torah and the Tanakh.

images 15

It is all about pleasing G-d not about pleasing our physical bodies. This is achieved when we put G-d first. The only way this can happen is when we study the Torah, the Tanakh- G-d’s word. Only when we make it our own and dedicate our lives to serving G-d can we become a perfect specimen of humanity in the eyes of HaShem.

Pastor Steve calls this dying to self.

It is not about me it is all about G-d and Yeshua. Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah.

Hand on dark background holding with care brain glowing symbol
Hand on dark background holding with care brain glowing symbol


The Jewish Messiah



Pastor JD World Revival Church Friday night June 4th hit the hammer on the head or the nail on top of the hammer when he spoke about the lady with the problem of hemorrhaging. Mark 5: 24-34. She spent all of her money on doctors. None could heal her. She didn’t give up. Then she heard The Moshiach- Yeshua the Jewish Messiah was in town. She knew what she had to do. Go to HIM and get healed. She touched Yeshua’s tzitzit and she was healed.

Yeshua stopped dead in HIS tracks and asked,” Who touched me?”

His talmidim were clueless. They said” There’s a ton of people here.”

Yeshua replied, “All of my power left me.”

The woman with the hemorrhaging problem fought her way through the crowd to get to Yeshua. She fell down on her knees. She laid out her problem to Yeshua.

Yeshua said,” Daughter, your trust has healed you. Go in peace and be healed your disease.”

Pastor JD tied this into the modern day Church. We have a smile on the outside yet inside we are dying. If one listens one can hear the screams,” G-d why have you abandoned me?

“What have I done to offend you L-rd?”

“G-d please take this pain and heal me now.”

“Yeshua I cry out to and beg for your mercy. Son of David have mercy on me.”

I know for this is me too. I have a few people in my life I can lay it all on the line.

They will tell me, “Robert you’re as full crap as a Christmas Goose.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Get off the pity pot and go help somebody.”

“Stop contemplating your belly button and focus on G-d.”

“Take the word worry out of your vocabulary. Stop using it. Start praising the G-d of your father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov. Thank Yeshua for very gift HE give you.”

This is called optical rectalitis- my eyeballs are hooked up the rear end and I have a crappy outlook on life.

So what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?


You see one of my major defects of character is I wish I could be like other people. I don’t want to be different. I am so deal with it. Tie this in with a stubborn streak that goes two miles deep you have a messed up Jewish man.

Yet out of this insanity comes a deep determination not to quit. Never give up. This almost killed me. It can be a fatal flaw yet G-d has used this to keep me alive to share with others HIS great mercy, power of healing and grace, restoration can only happen when one accepts the Jewish Messiah as your King and saviour.

Does it happen overnight? Sometimes it has but for the most part G-d healed me over a long period of time. When I look back and see G-d’s miracles in my life I am brought to my knees in thanksgiving and praise of the one true living G-d and The Jewish Messiah Yeshua.

The Jewish soul is different from the goy. G-d gave us a little piece of HIS soul to each one of us. This means we see things differently. We talk differently. We act differently. We feel things differently. This goes on ad nauseam.

There is a deep sense of G-d inside of me. Pleasing my father. Doing the right things. Learning how to think properly. Have a high value on education, learning and studying G-d’s word as well as the great books. Learning G-d’s word gets deep into one’s mind, body and my soul. Tie this is in with a classical education one can be a powerful tool for G-d to use. Yet this was nao serve para nada. I used it to attack the very people that loved me and taught me.

This brought me in direct conflict with G-d, my family, my teachers, my heart, my mind, my body and my soul and this led me into the depths of Alcoholism and drug addiction. I was kicked out of a major university. I was on scholarship. Three days into my sophomore year a drunken rage forced the Dean of Students to call my mother at three in the morning,” Get your drunken son out of here now.”

This happened in September of 1971. Two months later I was sitting in my parent’s cellar with a loaded thirty eight shooting holes in the wall.

I had a moment of clarity. I knew I was going to die with a drink in my hand and a needle in my arm. I said: Screw it.”

G-d reached down and saved me.

My sobriety date is December 16th 1971. I was one month and three days shy of my twentieth birthday. Since that time G-d has blessed me with continuous sobriety.

I was always drawn to Rabbi’s, preachers, and Pastors. Yet at the same time I made fun of them. Go Figure. G-d gave us a divine mission to be the light unto the world. HaShem told us to share the little piece of G-d we have with the world who G-d really is. I walked away from that. Now G-d has closed every door and told me this is what you are put on this earth to do.

The voices attack me. “Look at you. You piece of…. Your friends are famous. They have won academy awards. Many have a hit TV shows. Many are movie stars. Some have written huge novels. Look at you. What have you done?”

Floats through my head some mornings. This wakes me up and I can’t get back to sleep. I start praying to Yeshua to remove this fear and anxiety from me. Sometimes I get the ewe gee bees. My body starts to shake out of control. I scream out to G-d, Yeshua to remove this from me.

I can’t wait to get to G-d’s house to throw myself into praise and worship of the one true living G-d. Instead of running from G-d like I used to I run to HIM.

Why is it when the crap hits the proverbial fan it is always two or three in the morning? It is never at nine to ten in the morning?

This is just one of those goofy questions I have.

In the end it always comes down to Yeshua the Jewish Messiah.