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The Sixties Radical- Azriel G-d is Looking for Faithfulness !

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray has entered into a new dimension with HaShem-Yeshua.  The teachings are more powerful than ever before.  G-d is using my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to get us ready for return of the Moshiach- the anointed one.

These teachings are rooted in Chassidic teaching. My teacher’s words Pastor Steve Gray mirror my daily Tanya lessons and Torah lessons.

These words knocked my socks off Sunday 10th of Elul 5778 August 19th, 2018.

“G-d is looking for faithfulness not success. I(G-d) need faithful people to run my kingdom.”

HaShem please root out of my all the evil inclination that is in me. Let me see who you really are and let me to do properly Teshuva, so I will cleanse my entire being in order to serve you HaShem Yeshua.

Then I heard the word Kingship followed by do my mitzvahs and do and study my word and important of all know that I HaShem came into this world in the human form of Yeshua to usher in real kingship on earth and I want you to eagerly await my return so we all can go back to the Garden of Eden to worship and praise the one true G-d of your forefathers Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov.

To paraphrase my teacher Pastor Steve Gray;” For those who have been faithful to me HaShem-Yeshua I(G-d) will be faithful to them.”

This is why I love, I respect and I trust my teacher Pastor Steve Gray. Everything my teacher Pastor Steve Gray speaks is straight from the word of G-d THE TORAH and the Good News.

L-rd let me be a real student and a real doer of the word.

“Gam zu l’tovah” This too is for the good.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel A Quiet Heart

See how beautifully mind and heart complement one another:

The heart is an extremist. Unbridled, it will allow a single emotion to fill its entire space. But the mind finds balance and harmony, even between opposites.

The mind is cold and aloof. To the mind, reality is but a curiosity. But the heart lives in that reality, moved by its every nuance.

The mind must fit everything in neat boxes. And so, it can never grasp truth. The heart, when still and quiet, can hear silence, know the unknowable and grasp the infinite.

When the heart listens to the vision of the mind, it too learns to carry a counterpoint of voices, even the voices of other hearts. When the mind listens to the depths of the heart, it can change the world.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel A Listening Heart

The human heart is beautiful.

The human heart can know secrets deeper than any mind could fathom.

The mind cannot contain G‑d,
but deep inside the heart there is a place for Him.

Yet there is nothing more dysfunctional than a brain controlled by its heart. At the heart’s command, even the finest mind is capable of the most horrid crimes.

Let the heart be quiet and hear out the mind. In that quiet listening, she will discover her true beauty; her deepest secrets will awaken.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel We Choose What to Focus On!

These are some of the things I have learned in my Tanya Classes with Rabbi Gordon.

The purpose of man is to do mitzvah and study Torah.  Our priority is action. Mind is over matter. The brain and mind controls the natural and the controls the heart.  Mind controls all limbs.

We Jews create through mediation, study of Torah and contemplation an intellectual love for G-d. We can choose what to study. We can choose what to focus on and this will lead us to spirituality.

Do we control the delight or does the delight control us? The only way I can change is if I have a broken heart. I must admit that I am a sinner. Or better Yet my name is Azriel I am an Alcoholic. This is true I am. G-d blessed me with continuous sobriety since December 16th 1971. My name is Azriel and I am a sinner and I need Teshuvah (repentance).

When I go into exile I drag G-d into the pits of exile with me and HIS good name is sullied.

When I sin, I must return to Hashem.

Judaism is accessible to every Jew. We can develop a love for G-d. It is doable. Why are people desirable of seven-layer cake? This is what makes us tick.

An Evil person even when he is alive he is dead.

Animal sacrifice is only accidental inadvertent sin.  What do we bring to G-d for intentional sin? A broken heart that is the offering we bring to G-d.

There is nothing as whole as a broken heart.

A broken heart is a whole complete entity.

When I sin, I must first have a broken heart before I can come back to HaShem.

I don’t want to be a prisoner to sin.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Mind Over Heart

True, our hearts are not in our hands. But our minds are: We can think about whatever we decide to think about. And therein lies our power.

The mind rules over the heart—not just as a rider rules over his horse, but in a much more intimate sense. For the mind is the father and the mother, the seed and the womb from which the attitudes of a person are born and then nurtured. The heart does no more than reflect the state of the mind—its turmoil, its resolution, its shallowness or its depth, its coarseness or its maturity.

This then must be the focus of the person who wishes to leave this world with more than he arrived: To engage his mind with all its intensity in thoughts that elevate and inspire, and push away with equal force any thought that drags down and holds back.

And to allow all that labor to pass through the channel from the mind to the heart and give birth to actual deeds.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Murder Self to Become a G-dly Jew!

These are some of lessons that I have learned from Rabbi Gordon’s daily lessons on the Tanya. These lessons tie in perfectly with what my teacher Pastor Steve Gray teaches me at World Revival Church Kansas City.

The following sentences are paraphrased from the teaching of Rabbi Gordon.

Animal soul wants us to be a human being. The second soul G-dly a chunk of G-dliness. The second soul is literally a chunk of G-d.  If I don’t like the way I feel I must study. It is a slow process to change the way I feel. Study, study, study.

Slowly you develop a love for G-d. It is the long slow way to G-dliness.

The Tanya: “The soul possesses three auxiliary powers, which are its instruments of expression. Like garments, they can be donned or shed at will. When the soul utilizes any of these three powers it is “clothed” in them; when it does not use them, it is “divested” of them. Also, just as garments give expression to their wearer’s beauty and importance, so, too, when the soul dons and utilizes these “garments”, its intellect and emotion find expression.”

The garments of the soul are what I say, think, and say. Garments of the G-dly soul are the mitzvahs that I do. It is all about action. I must take action.

It is what I say think, say and do.

I must learn how to be a Jew.

I must study Torah. I need to study about Judaism.

Garment of action, speech, and thinking about Torah is the way to develop my relationship with G-d.

The Tanya states:” The soul possesses three auxiliary powers, which are its instruments of expression. Like garments, they can be donned or shed at will. When the soul utilizes any of these three powers it is “clothed” in them; when it does not use them, it is “divested” of them. Also, just as garments give expression to their wearer’s beauty and importance, so, too, when the soul dons and utilizes these “garments”, its intellect and emotion find expression.”

If my garments are garments for his G-dly soul I will think of Torah. This means I will think of G-dly things. If my garments are of non-G-dly things I will think of non-G-dly things.  Therefore, what I occupy my time with I will think about.

The Tanya adds: “the person’s speech is immersed in the study of Torah which includes the exposition of the commandments. For example, Tractate Berachot deals with the commandments and the laws of blessings; Tractate Shabbat deals with the commandments and laws of Shabbat observance, etc.,”

Soul powers are intellect and emotion.  I must ask myself this question every day. What do I fear? What do I love?  If I fear only G-d I will liberate myself from all other fears.

There is a basic principle that no one does anything they don’t want to do if they don’t love or fear that person.  The hard part is to make sure that love and fear is Kosher. I must make sure that love and fear is healthy, appropriate.  If you don’t I will get into a lot of trouble.

True love of G-d is the root source of all of the 240 positive commandments in the Torah. I must learn to truly love G-d. I must to love G-d so I truly perform the mitzvahs given to us at Mount Sinai.

I can’t do mitzvahs out of fear I must truly love G-d. And this ties into Pastor Steve Gray teaches me that I must die to self and forgive everyone.  The only way I can love an invisible G-d is to love my wife, family and my fellow people of G-d.

Footnotes from the Tanya lesson;  1.Mishnah, Peah 1:1.2. Tikkunei Zohar, Tikkun 30.

3.See further, ch. 23.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Leash Your Heart

Your mind and heart need to build a relationship slowly, somewhat like a pet and its master.

At first, your mind needs to hold your heart tightly on a leash. Your heart screams, “I must have this! I must go there!” And your mind says, “Calm down. We talked this over already and we both agreed you don’t need to.”

The heart screams, “But now I feel I need to! If I don’t, who knows what will happen!”

And the mind says, “That’s because you are a heart. Hearts feel that way. But I am a mind and I know we will survive even if you don’t.”

Eventually, the heart learns the paths and gallops along them with ease. It becomes a mindful heart.