The Sixties Radical- Azriel We Choose What to Focus On!

These are some of the things I have learned in my Tanya Classes with Rabbi Gordon.

The purpose of man is to do mitzvah and study Torah.  Our priority is action. Mind is over matter. The brain and mind controls the natural and the controls the heart.  Mind controls all limbs.

We Jews create through mediation, study of Torah and contemplation an intellectual love for G-d. We can choose what to study. We can choose what to focus on and this will lead us to spirituality.

Do we control the delight or does the delight control us? The only way I can change is if I have a broken heart. I must admit that I am a sinner. Or better Yet my name is Azriel I am an Alcoholic. This is true I am. G-d blessed me with continuous sobriety since December 16th 1971. My name is Azriel and I am a sinner and I need Teshuvah (repentance).

When I go into exile I drag G-d into the pits of exile with me and HIS good name is sullied.

When I sin, I must return to Hashem.

Judaism is accessible to every Jew. We can develop a love for G-d. It is doable. Why are people desirable of seven-layer cake? This is what makes us tick.

An Evil person even when he is alive he is dead.

Animal sacrifice is only accidental inadvertent sin.  What do we bring to G-d for intentional sin? A broken heart that is the offering we bring to G-d.

There is nothing as whole as a broken heart.

A broken heart is a whole complete entity.

When I sin, I must first have a broken heart before I can come back to HaShem.

I don’t want to be a prisoner to sin.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Mind Over Heart

True, our hearts are not in our hands. But our minds are: We can think about whatever we decide to think about. And therein lies our power.

The mind rules over the heart—not just as a rider rules over his horse, but in a much more intimate sense. For the mind is the father and the mother, the seed and the womb from which the attitudes of a person are born and then nurtured. The heart does no more than reflect the state of the mind—its turmoil, its resolution, its shallowness or its depth, its coarseness or its maturity.

This then must be the focus of the person who wishes to leave this world with more than he arrived: To engage his mind with all its intensity in thoughts that elevate and inspire, and push away with equal force any thought that drags down and holds back.

And to allow all that labor to pass through the channel from the mind to the heart and give birth to actual deeds.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Murder Self to Become a G-dly Jew!

These are some of lessons that I have learned from Rabbi Gordon’s daily lessons on the Tanya. These lessons tie in perfectly with what my teacher Pastor Steve Gray teaches me at World Revival Church Kansas City.

The following sentences are paraphrased from the teaching of Rabbi Gordon.

Animal soul wants us to be a human being. The second soul G-dly a chunk of G-dliness. The second soul is literally a chunk of G-d.  If I don’t like the way I feel I must study. It is a slow process to change the way I feel. Study, study, study.

Slowly you develop a love for G-d. It is the long slow way to G-dliness.

The Tanya: “The soul possesses three auxiliary powers, which are its instruments of expression. Like garments, they can be donned or shed at will. When the soul utilizes any of these three powers it is “clothed” in them; when it does not use them, it is “divested” of them. Also, just as garments give expression to their wearer’s beauty and importance, so, too, when the soul dons and utilizes these “garments”, its intellect and emotion find expression.”

The garments of the soul are what I say, think, and say. Garments of the G-dly soul are the mitzvahs that I do. It is all about action. I must take action.

It is what I say think, say and do.

I must learn how to be a Jew.

I must study Torah. I need to study about Judaism.

Garment of action, speech, and thinking about Torah is the way to develop my relationship with G-d.

The Tanya states:” The soul possesses three auxiliary powers, which are its instruments of expression. Like garments, they can be donned or shed at will. When the soul utilizes any of these three powers it is “clothed” in them; when it does not use them, it is “divested” of them. Also, just as garments give expression to their wearer’s beauty and importance, so, too, when the soul dons and utilizes these “garments”, its intellect and emotion find expression.”

If my garments are garments for his G-dly soul I will think of Torah. This means I will think of G-dly things. If my garments are of non-G-dly things I will think of non-G-dly things.  Therefore, what I occupy my time with I will think about.

The Tanya adds: “the person’s speech is immersed in the study of Torah which includes the exposition of the commandments. For example, Tractate Berachot deals with the commandments and the laws of blessings; Tractate Shabbat deals with the commandments and laws of Shabbat observance, etc.,”

Soul powers are intellect and emotion.  I must ask myself this question every day. What do I fear? What do I love?  If I fear only G-d I will liberate myself from all other fears.

There is a basic principle that no one does anything they don’t want to do if they don’t love or fear that person.  The hard part is to make sure that love and fear is Kosher. I must make sure that love and fear is healthy, appropriate.  If you don’t I will get into a lot of trouble.

True love of G-d is the root source of all of the 240 positive commandments in the Torah. I must learn to truly love G-d. I must to love G-d so I truly perform the mitzvahs given to us at Mount Sinai.

I can’t do mitzvahs out of fear I must truly love G-d. And this ties into Pastor Steve Gray teaches me that I must die to self and forgive everyone.  The only way I can love an invisible G-d is to love my wife, family and my fellow people of G-d.

Footnotes from the Tanya lesson;  1.Mishnah, Peah 1:1.2. Tikkunei Zohar, Tikkun 30.

3.See further, ch. 23.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Leash Your Heart

Your mind and heart need to build a relationship slowly, somewhat like a pet and its master.

At first, your mind needs to hold your heart tightly on a leash. Your heart screams, “I must have this! I must go there!” And your mind says, “Calm down. We talked this over already and we both agreed you don’t need to.”

The heart screams, “But now I feel I need to! If I don’t, who knows what will happen!”

And the mind says, “That’s because you are a heart. Hearts feel that way. But I am a mind and I know we will survive even if you don’t.”

Eventually, the heart learns the paths and gallops along them with ease. It becomes a mindful heart.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel I have Heard the Cry of my People

Pastor Kathy’s words were straight from HaShem  Sunday August 12th. These G-dly words exploded into the universe. This was more like an earthquakes couple with the voice of G-d when HaShem spoke the Ten Commandments in one breath at Mount Sinai.

“I hear the sound of my people crying out for help. “

Then Pastor Kathy added;” Let the cry of your heart cry out. I hear you.” Then I saw the burning bush on the Mountain of G-d (Mount Sinai).  I saw Moshe stopping and talking to HaShem.  This was G-d answering our cries for help.

Then I heard the cries of us Jews during the destruction of the first Temple coupled with the cries of us Jews when the Romans were persecuting us.  G-d answered our prayers and cries for help when HaShem took the human form of Yeshua. Yeshua walked among us to deliver the Good News.

Pastor Kathy said:” Yeshua is the word and then He read the word.” Then these words came alive before me “Barukh ata HaShem Eloheinu, Melekh ha’olam.” G-d’s

The answer is very simple.

What HaShem did was give us a direct encounter with the creator of the entire universe. The one who spoke the entire universe into being with ten utterances. And thus, this prayer was answered in order to Shepherd us Jews first and the rest of the Non-Jewish World into the new covenant not like the first which we Jews broke when we built the Golden Calf.

This one will never be broken.

HaShem -Yeshua spoke through Pastor Kathy to let us know “This is the year of the favour of the L-rd.”

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Cutting Off the Supply

To fight evil face-to-face is futile. But we can cut off its supply.

Between good and evil lies a neutral ground, a battlefield—the realm of all things permissible. All supplies to the enemy must pass through this realm. Because evil has no power of its own—it lives entirely off the scraps thrown to it from above.

By taking all that is permissible and using it only for good, honestly and uprightly, with purpose that transcends our own selves, the supply lines are broken.

When every activity of life becomes a way to know G‑d, evil simply withers away and dies.

Tanya, chapter 37.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Finally Winning

Throughout history, countless tactics and strategies are played in the battle over planet Earth. But at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is called winning. And winning comes at the very end.

With every other round of the game, the soul puts out whatever it’s got. When it comes to the last stretch, neck and neck with the enemy, it‘s got to do better than that. Its very core ignited, it bursts into explosion of power never before imagined.

This is the stubborn power we have today, to finally change the world and transform it into a divine place. Not with our own strength, but with the power of all those before us. Because now, from above, every power is released, the very essence-core lashes out. To win.

Maamor Bati Legani 5710, chapter 11; Beshalach 5741:37; Ki Tavo 5741:58. Torat Menachem 5746 vol. 1, pg. 87

The Sixties Radical- Azriel The Last Adam

The following thoughts come from the teaching of Rabbi Gordon on the Tanya AV 25.

Adam’s was a unique soul. His soul contained within it each of us Jews ever to have lived. Adam had within his soul each one of Jews from the moment of creation until the time Yeshua.

If Adam hadn’t sinned each of us Jews would be the offspring of both Adam and Eve. Since Adam sinned G-d postponed this experience due to the fact the world fell into separation from HaShem.

Ya’akov was the next Adam. Ya’akov was the embodiment of every single Jew. All of our Jews souls are linked to Ya’akov.

Ya’akov is Torah and Torah is Ya’akov.  This goes for Adam too. Adam is a Torah and Torah is Adam.

The last Adam is Yeshua. HE came to earth to warn us we were so far away from G-d that a trip to the outer galaxy was closer.  We didn’t heed the warning and thus G-d through HIS kindness destroyed the second Temple on the ninth of Av 70 AD.

Our corrupt religious structure was never the same. Yet HaShem allowed us to have our sacred texts in the City Yavne when Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai made a deal with Roman General Vespasian who was sent by Roman Emperor Nero to destroy Jerusalem to save the Yavne.  Vespasian agreed to save the Holy City of Yavne and thus G-d allowed us to keep our sacred texts from destruction.

Chabad describes the conversation between Rabbi Zakkai and Roman General Vespasian: The greatest Jewish sage of the time was Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai. He wisely foresaw that Jerusalem was doomed and understood the need to transplant the center of Torah scholarship to another location, to ensure the survival of Torah study after Jerusalem’s destruction. He devised a plan that would allow him to leave Jerusalem, despite the Zealots’ blockade. He feigned death so that he could be carried out of the city. His disciples carried the coffin out of the city’s walls, and Rabbi Yochanan proceeded directly to Vespasian’s tent. He entered the tent and addressed Vespasian as “Your Majesty.”

“You are deserving of death on two accounts,” said Vespasian. “First of all, I am not the emperor, only his general. Secondly, if I am indeed emperor, why did you not come to me until now?”

Rabbi Yochanan answered: “You are an emperor, because otherwise the Holy Temple would not be delivered in your hands.… And as for your second question, the reckless Zealots would not allow me to leave the city.”

While they were speaking, a messenger came and told Vespasian that Nero was dead and he had been appointed the new Roman emperor. Vespasian was so impressed with Rabbi Yochanan’s wisdom that he offered to grant Rabbi Yochanan anything he wanted as a reward. Rabbi Yochanan made three requests.1 The primary request was that Vespasian spare Yavne – which would become the new home of the Sanhedrin – and its Torah sages.

Rabbi Yochanan thus ensured the continuation of Jewish scholarship after the fall of Jerusalem. Even though they would no longer have a Temple or a homeland, the Jews would always have a spiritual center in the Torah.

In 69 CE, Vespasian returned to Rome to serve as emperor, but first he appointed his son, Titus, to carry on in his stead. In 70 CE, Titus came towards Jerusalem with an army of 80,000 soldiers.

Thus Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah who was sent to save us and bring us back to G-ds House.

Many think G-d has abandoned us Jews WRONG! G-d will never abandon HIS people. G-d said to Moshe I am your G-d. Period end of discussion.

Yeshua is the embodiment of every Jewish soul from the time of creation until Yeshua comes back again.

Deal with it for we are the still the apple of G-d’s eye. We are G-d’s people. We are Yeshua’s people.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Hate What is Evil!

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray has ESPN I mean ESP or what? Joke intended. This happens all the time when my teacher opens his mouth and the word of G-d comes forth.

This is exactly what this Jewish follower of Yeshua needed to here.

Let’s cut to the chase.  These words came straight from HaShem Yeshua Sunday August 5th. These words tie in directly with what my Torah and Tanya lessons were for this past week.

“G-d wants you to become something and then do something We all have different gifts but we all better have the same faith.”

I always had this backwards. Become something and then do something.  This is so unG-dly. No wonder I was in such deep doo-doo.  When HaShem dropped me at the doorstep of World Revival Church so this unG-dly Jew come back to his roots.

HaShem led me to my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

Without my teacher Pastor Steve Gray this Jew would be a dead Jew.  You see I was dead to the ways and word of G-d and the sad part was I didn’t even know it until HaShem Yeshua opened my eyes and showed me that my teacher Pastor Steve Gray is a trustworthy man of G-d.

I completely trust and respect my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

Let me it to you in another way Torah needs to be taught. The Torah needs to be learned not studied. Torah needs to be learned from a teacher. This why I must have a teacher to teach me about Torah.

For Torah truths are highly personal to me.

Torah is not theoretical. Torah implicates me in what I am doing right and wrong. What I need to change so I can walk in the ways of G-d.

So, this Jew can be a G-dly Jew.

This is what I want to be a G-dly Jew.

G-d used my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to start me for real to study Torah and the Tanya.  This started on November 22nd, 2016.

Most important of all this Jew is now learning to walk in the ways of HaShem Yeshua

This means every day I study Torah and Tanya.

And by doing this action it has changed the way I see and interact with the world. Some days I am a horse’s rear end and when that happens I make amends for my wrongs. I admit them and ask HaShem to change me. My entire being.

This is the real kicker “Hate what is evil and cling to what is good.”

These words came to my mind from one of my Tanya lessons. If you are kind to cruel you will be cruel to the kind.

The source of all life comes from HaShem Yeshua.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Completion

Through many journeys through many lives, each of us will find and redeem all the divine sparks in our share of the world.

Then the darkness that holds such mastery, such cruelty, such irrational evil that it contains no redeeming value—all this will simply vanish like a puff of steam in the midday air.

As for that which we salvaged and used for good, it will shine an awesome light never known before.

The world will have arrived.

Tanya, chapter 37.

The Sixties Radical