The Sixties Radical-Azriel The Soul is Never in Exile

When we stay on G-d’s path the world around us will change. It is incumbent on me to stay true to G-d’s direction and then and only then will the world be transformed into G-d’s true dwelling place.

Moses then asked the king of Edom to allow the Jewish people to pass through his land on the way to the Land of Israel. The Edomites refused, so Moses led the people southward, detouring around their territory.

[In his message to the king of Edom, Moses said,] “We will walk along the king’s road, turning neither to the right nor to the left until we have passed through your territory.” Numbers 20:17

Moses’ message to the Edomite king is the same message that our Divine souls must convey to the material world so long as we are still in exile. “True, we Jews are physically the same as all people; we have physical needs that must be met by working and living in the physical world. Nonetheless, we will not let this fact obscure our true purpose in life: to fulfill our Divine mission of elevating and refining physicality. We will walk along our Divine King’s road; we will not deviate from G‑d’s ways, either to the right or to the left!”

By remaining true to both our inner selves and to our Divine mission, we will merit witnessing the ultimate redemption of the world and its transformation into G‑d’s true home.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 18, p. 468.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Improving the World

For us human beings to live in harmony with nature, it is not enough that we cause it no harm, or even that we attempt to leave zero footprint behind. The only way we can achieve sustainable symbiosis with our environment is by improving it.

And should you ask, “How can a member of the ecological system have the audacity to believe that he can improve that system? On the contrary, don’t you see that all we have done until now has been reckless and destructive?”

But this is the defining quality of the human being: On the one hand, we are part of this world; on the other, we bring with us a power from beyond, the power of tikun—to reorganize, innovate, and improve. That is why we were originally placed in the garden, “to work it and to protect it.”

With the same capacity with which we have wrecked the environment, with that we can bring it—and must bring it—to be yet more resilient, harmonious, and beautiful.

11 Nisan, 5748

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Tanya! The Strength of the Jew

This is what learned from Rabbi Gordon in the introduction of The Tanya.

Tanya means the strength of the Jew. This recognizes the system of the souls.

This is how the two souls work.

We should never say I am what I am.

It is what it is.

People can change.

People can transform themselves.

This is the message of Tanya.

The Tanya is made of five books.

Where the problem is the powers of soul.

What we feel and what understand is the hard part.

Even your emotions can change into the direction you want to take them.

One cannot yell one into understanding.

It takes time and disciple to understand.

That what you love and that what you fear can grow as you study G-d’s word.

Do not think Judaism is unattainable.

You don not  have to be Rabbi to achieve this.

Every man, woman, boy, and girl can be a connected Jew.

Judaism is for everyone.

Thought, word, and deed is attainable.

The heart is feelings.

Feelings can change.

It is hard, but it can happen.

It is hard for me

Yeshua came to us to get our hearts right. This is what tripped all of us up.

We have two souls the G-dly and the evil inclination.

The Tanya is the lesson plan on how to overcome the evil inclination.

Yeshua is teaching us the same thing.

The Sixties Radical- G-d is not appalled with you! You are appalled with You!

This needs to be said. These words need to be written on paper. My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said these words just before the offering was taken Sunday December 3rd. These words hit home with me.

I can’t get them out of my head.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said:” These people that have been snapped have a deeper relationship with G-d than those that have not been snapped. Snap me. Bend me before G-d. “(paraphrase)

Then my teacher added these words; “G-d searches for those to help G-d.”

I knew right from the get go G-d was using my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to speak to me.

These following words tore into my head, my heart and my soul:” feel the responsibility for the things of G-d. Go through life with your head in the yoke for Yeshua.”

The following words echoed in my head:” G-d is not appalled at you. You are appalled at you.”

I have been crying out to HaShem to use me.

Get me right with you.

Get me right with my family.

I feel like I am wasting my G-d given talents.

Let me use them to serve you.

Make me boil even harder and faster for you L-rd.

Get things that are holding me back from serving you Yeshua blasted out of my life.

Murder myself like David did to become a true Tsaddik- a righteous person.

I am being snapped.  Snapped into many pieces.

Change me.

I heard you my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

I heard you G-d.

I heard you Yeshua.

Do not overlook me.

Use me.

The Sixties Radical-G-d has great Patience

These are some more of the lessons I am learning from Rabbi Gutnick’s class on Noach and the great flood.

G-d is teaching us through the instruction and the salvation in the great flood is the remedy for us and the world to find its new beginning.

G-d is also teaching us that in HIS word we can find in every aspect of our lives what is relevant and the answers that we need.

G-d was giving humanity a chance to repent- turn back to HaShem.

G-d has great patience with us even though we are not worthy to have this patience.

We were worthy of punishment and retribution. Yet G-d delayed the building of the Ark for 120 years to give us time to repent-turn back to G-d

On the surface it looks like G-d is a vindictive and punishing. This is totally misleading when one delves into the Torah.

G-d used the great flood to bring into the world hope and renewal. The water represents the mikvah the ritual cleaning out of us what is unclean, to purify us – the evil inside of us so that we can start anew.

To the naked eye, the water looked like destruction however the real purpose was to wash away the sins of the world to we can start again.

G-d hit the reset button.

This great flood paved the way for Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov to give birth to us Jews. This great flood paved the way for Moshe, Mount Sinai and the giving the Torah that led to the birth of Yeshua the Jewish Messiah- the saviour of us Jews and the rest of the world.

Just a few words to think about on this day.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Hidden Treasure

Instead of cursing us Jews G-d used Balaam to bless us.

We are still the apple of G-d’s eye. HaShem will never abandoned us.

“Balaam arrived in Moab. Balak proceeded to take Balaam to a place he thought would be conducive to cursing the Jews. But G‑d forced Balaam to praise and bless the Jews rather than curse them.

[Balaam said,] “Who can count the dust of Jacob?” Numbers 23:10

The Jewish people are here compared (positively) to dust. Just as there are hidden treasures buried in the earth, so are there treasures of pure faith in G‑d and deep love and fear of Him hidden in every Jew. These treasures may at times be hard to uncover, just as the treasures buried in the earth are often buried deep below the surface. But they are there, nonetheless, and with sufficient effort they can be revealed.1 Keter Shem Tov (ed. Kehot, 2004), addendum 57 (addendum 44 in previous editions).

The Sixties Radical-Azriel The Torah is G-d’s Lesson Plan

Pastor JD King’s sermon today Sunday December 3rd brought me to tears. This was needed. G-d is in the process of breaking me. Breaking down my evil inclination, the ego and pride that is holding me back from serving G-d with all my heart, my mind, my body, my soul and my might.

This might seem kinda scattered and incoherent so here it goes.

Pastor JD’s words hit me right where I live- my mind and my heart. “The Bible is about family. G-d comes down to transform the world. G-d is offering us a family covenant.”

Then the real kicker in the teeth;” Opportunity can look like disaster. Are willing to discover something more with G-d.”

Think about this for more than a minute when Pastor JD King said:” G-d is inviting us (Israel) into a new place with HIM.”

This last statement literally broke me. I knew at that moment I had run to the altar of G-d. Thrown myself into prayer with a prayer warrior. Fall on my face to beg G-d to let me go into a new place with HaShem.

Then I heard the words Torah is not a history book. It is a book of lessons. Torah is G-d speaking to us.

G-d get my thinking right. Please get me in my right mind.

Then these words came before me. When you lose yourself emotionally is one thing. When you lose yourself emotionally and intellectually you have nothing left. The result is you have severed all ties to your human structure. All hope for humanity is lost.

Pastor JD King’s sermon gave me hope when he said:” G-d can come alive in your soul and you are standing on the edge with G-d.”

Yes, my mind and soul are alive. HaShem is helping me murder myself serving ways, so my family and I can serve G-d and be G-d’s true servant.

G-d let keep the common sense you have given me. G-d let my people keep their common sense. Change us so we can better serve you.

This is what we Jews were put in earth for- We are G-d’s people, so we can be the light unto the nations. This can only happen if we accept who our father is HaShem and show the world who HaShem  really is.

Push me over the edge with you L-rd into a whole new dimension of serving G-d and my family.

The Sixties Radical