The Sixties Radical- Azriel The Parable!

The world is a parable, two stories at once, one layered beneath the other.

On the outside, it is the story of a brute called Reality, a bloodless monster hosting an army of fiends, beasts, lunacy and, worst of all, futility.

On the inside, it is a story of its own Author with you alone, in eternal love, and every challenge of this adventure just another expression of that love, drawing the two of you yet closer.

The world is a parable, a story on two channels at once.
On which channel do you choose to spend your precious time?

Hayom Yom, 8 Sivan; 10 Shevat 5732:1 and 6.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Service of The Heart

What is the service of the heart?

Prayer is the service of the heart.

I must build and want to build the tabernacle in my heart.

This is the altar of sacrifice.

I want to circumcise the foreskin of my heart, so I can become closer to G-d and most important of all!

A G-dly Jew.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel The Glimmer Yearns!

Below, this glimmer of a soul craves to return to her primal essence above. She yearns with an obsession beyond reason—for she knows full well that there she will once again be nameless. Yet as metal filings are drawn to a mighty magnet, as a flame climbs upward, yearning for its own extinction, so she yearns to return.

Trapped within the fetters of time and space, held captive within body and persona, her yearning swells to its bursting point, her thirst intensifies; it cannot be quenched. Its power is fierce; it sparks and flames.

Such is the divine plan. Now you must harness that power.
With it, you can transform an entire world.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Nameless

High upon her precipice, the soul is nameless, for she has no form—she will be whatever she must be.

Peering below, beneath the clouds, she perceives a faint shimmering of her light in the deep, wet earth. There she finds form, and she calls it a name, and she is called when that name is called, for she says, “This is me.”

But it is not her. It is only a faint glimmering of her light within the frame of a distant world.

The Sixties Radical Tanya Lesson

I give you my soul to you in writing.  G-d wasn’t giving us a shopping list in writing. G-d was baring HIS soul to us in writing. G-d is asking his creation to do for Him what He needs. It was fifty days between our leaving Egypt and G-d revealing himself to us. I am G-d your G-d. It is personal. G-d wants a relationship with us. G-d tells us we gotta talk. I did for you so you gotta do for me. G-d tells us I need you to do for me.

The Torah is a graphic description of what makes G-d, G-d.

Revelation is G-d is telling us how meaningful this is to HIM. Honouring your father and mother is more important to Him than to us.

Revelation means G-d is revealing himself.  (Taken from the teachings of Rabbi Manis Friedman.)

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Making Room

He is a very big G‑d. As soon as you take up any space at all, there is no room left for Him.

But take no space at all, and He gives you the entire universe.

The Sixties Radical