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The Sixties Radical- Azriel Chesed of G-d

This is taken from the Tanya.

“Abraham epitomizes Chesed, the attribute of kindness; Isaac epitomizes Gevurah, the attribute of severity; the predominant attribute of Jacob is Tiferet, or Rachamim, compassion. The inward aspect of the soul’s divine service when motivated by Chesed is — the love of G‑d; the inward aspect of the soul’s divine service when motivated by Gevurah is — the awe of G‑d; so, too, divine service when motivated by compassion has its distinctive inward aspect “Love is internal and kindness is external. So, too, with regard to fear and severity [— the former is internal; the latter, external], as explained in Iggeret HaKodesh, Epistle 15, p. 123a.” (— Note of the Rebbe.)

This means G-d is kindness.

G-d’s love is expressed through HIS kindness.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Not Is

How could it be?

How could a human ego know it is nothing but a figment of a greater mind—and yet remain a human being?

How could a physical eye see infinite light—and yet remain an eye?

How could a stone scream out that there is nothing else but G‑d—and yet remain a stone?

It must be that the true reality of all things is not to be, but to know.

There is nothing else but knowing that there is nothing else but G‑d.

Hemshech 5672, part 2, p. 1003; Maamar Asher Bara 5739


The Sixties Radical- Azriel Heart of G-d

Frank Seamster set off fireworks Sunday July 1st. These lessons are more than the rockets’ red glare. The lessons Frank Seamster taught us today get to the heart of G-d.

This is basis Chassidic teaching 101.

G-d is speaking to us through Pastor Frank.

These words shook both heaven and earth.

“G-d comes to challenge the direction of our love life.”

“Get your love life in order.”

“Declare to HIM you will have no other g-ds before G-d.”

Then I saw where I fall short.

How can I love G-d when I treat my wife, my family, my friends and even my enemies badly?

The way I show G-d how much I love HIM is when I take care of my wife and family.

I show how much I love G-d when I bust my tail at work to do the best job every day.

I show how much I love G-d when I do Tzedakah (Charity). I give to G-d’s house.

I show how much I love G-d when I do forgiveness to everyone.

I show how much I love G-d when I bring the “Hey” out of exile back into the name of G-d. This is done when I become a follower of Yeshua and I turn back to G-d to live a G-dly life.

Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah- Moshiach- the anointed one.

I show how much I love G-d when I stop worshiping the idol of anger or resentment.

I show how much I love G-d when I study Torah and Tanya on a daily basis and then do the lessons I have learned.

HaShem help me get my love life in the right order.

Thank you, Frank Seamster, for love you have shown me with these needed corrections to get my love life in order.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Nothing Else

Deep in meditation, the mind’s eye catches a glimmer of light.

A glimmer of light from G‑d. But for one who seeks G‑d Himself, the light is not G‑d.

Secluded from the business of humankind and earthly pleasures, immersed in knowledge of the higher realms, there comes a day the prophet hears with his ears the voice that brings all into being, sees with his eyes the splendor of that light.

A splendorous light from G‑d. But the light is not G‑d.

In a time to come, every small child will see more than the greatest prophet could ever imagine, the physical eye will perceive more than any soul has ever known, there will be a world, and its entire being will be a means to know its Creator—so much so that the very stones of the earth will scream out, “There is nothing else but He!”

That is G‑d.

Maamar V’nachah Alav 5725


The Sixties Radical- Azriel Unreacting

Thoughts from the Rebbe. The nature of a human being is to simply react, to throw back at others the medicine they mete out to you.

This is what Rava, the Babylonian Jewish sage, would advise: Ignore the urge to return bad with bad, hurt with hurt, scorn with scorn
—and the heavenly court will ignore your scorning, your hurting, your acts that were less than good.

G‑d shadows man. Go beyond your nature with others and He will do the same with you.


The Sixties Radical- Azriel Study Torah

One should study Torah even for the wrong reasons.


Sooner or later with enough Torah knowledge one will come around and study Torah for the right reason.

The right reason is to study Torah out of my love for G-d.