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The Sixties Radical- All Hell is About to Break Loose- Obama is Fiddling Around While the USA and The World is About to Burn

While we are fiddling around and destroying  our country The Middle East is about to break out into a full fledge war. Israel my people have been in the cross hairs of Persia since Adonai created man over three thousand years ago. Adonai’s prophets have written about this hell coming since Adonai guided Moses hand to write the first five books of the Torah and Tanakh.

We Jews are staring down the sights of missiles and nuclear weapons. Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah fore told of the coming destruction ahead for the nation of Israel. The Western World led by the USA and Great Britain are leading the charge along with Persian (Iran), Syria, Russia, China, and all of the nations in The Middle East to surround Israel and try to wipe all Jews off the face of the earth.  Adonai told the world this would happen.

This was set in motion when Adonai would gather the nation of Israel back into the land given to us by Adonai.

“Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things?

Shall the Earth be made to give birth in one day?

Or shall a nation be born at once?

For as soon as Zion was in labor, she gave birth to her children.”

(Isaiah 66:8)

“He will set up a banner for the nations,

and will assemble the outcasts of Israel,

and gather together the dispersed of Judah

from the four corners of the Earth.”

(Isaiah 11:

“Thus says the Lord God:

‘ Surely I will take the children of Israel

from among the nations,

wherever they have gone,

and will gather them from every side

and bring them into their own Land.”

(Ezekiel 37:21)

The nation of Israel was made in one day May 14th, 1948.

Adonai made a covenant with Avraham. ‘”I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you … I will give to you and your descendants … all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.”‘ (Gen 17.7,8)

“The land which I gave to Abraham and Isaac I will give to you, and I will give the land to your descendants after you.”‘ (Gen 35.12)

Adonai told of where our nation would be. “I will fix your boundary from the Red Sea to the sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness to the River Euphrates (Exodus 23.31)

When Adonai establish his covenant with Avraham HE also told Ishmael he would be a father of a great nation but Adonai’s covenant was establish with Yitz’chak. “No, Sarah your wife will bear you a son (even though she was old), and you shall call his name Isaac; and I will establish My covenant with him (and his descendants) … as for Ishmael (which means ‘God hears’), I have heard you; … I will bless him, and make him fruitful … and I will make him a great nation … but My covenant I will establish with Isaac.”‘ (Gen 17.19-21)

If one studies the Torah and Tanakh this conflict between Arabs and my people The Jews is Biblical. It all stems from Avraham and his two sons Ishmael and Yitz’chak.

See http://www.seekingtruth.co.uk/israel_arab_conflict.htm

What the world doesn’t see is this one large yet simple fact. Adonai has our backs. HE will protect us from the coming aggression against the nation of Israel.

See  http://www.seekingtruth.co.uk/middle_east.htm

The coming conflict prophesied by Ezekiel was written about by CNN-

Israel – Last year, an international crisis exploded when Israel stopped a flotilla of ships from breaking its naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.
The incident left Israel feeling more isolated, but some Jews saw the pages of scripture coming alive through the crisis.

When Israeli commandos stormed the Turkish-owned flagship, Mavi Mamara, leading the flotilla, things quickly turned deadly. Pro-Palestinian activists attacked the soldiers, who then defended themselves. Nine activists died in the melee.

Israel acted to keep weapons out of Hamas-controlled Gaza, but that didn’t stop an international rush to judgment.

The U.N. Security Council condemned Israel and called for an investigation.

Sweden, Ireland and other nations planned boycotts against the Jewish state.
Shifting Allegiance
The incident also revealed Turkey as a major player in the Middle East, with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan shifting his allegiance from Israel to Iran, Syria and their axis of power.

“Turkey was a friend of Israel for much of the last six decades,” author Joel Rosenberg told CBN News.

“It’s a democracy, it’s a moderate Muslim country, it’s a NATO ally and a friend of the United States, a tourist destination spot for tens of thousands of Israelis, and yet all of that is changing right now,” Rosenberg said.
This change represents a major realignment in the Middle East.

Turkey – once a close ally of Israel and the West – is now openly courting the likes of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ultimately Russia’s Vladmir Putin.
Gog and Magog Soon?

So what does this shift of power and increasing isolation of Israel mean? Some in Israel and around the world believe it reflects biblical prophecy.

“Given the fact that Ezekiel 36 and 37 have largely come true – the rebirth of Israel, Jews pouring into the Holy Land after centuries in exile, rebuilding the ancient ruins, isn’t it remotely possible that Ezekiel 38 and 39 – the war of Gog and Magog – couldn’t that come true in our lifetime also?” Rosenberg reasoned.

Following last year’s flotilla incident, the Rabbinical Council of Judea and Samaria issued a statement saying the aftermath seemed to “place us at the beginning of the Gog and Magog process, where the world is against us, but which ends with the third and final redemption.”

Gog and Magog is a biblical reference in chapters 38 and 39 of the Book of Ezekiel when a coalition of nations attack the land of Israel. No one knows whether or not this will happen soon, but many believe war in the Middle East is looming.

“As you watch the trajectory of events geopolitically here in the epicenter, the events are living up more and more in favor of Ezekiel 38 and 39 coming true, possibly sooner than most of us realize,” Rosenberg said.

Hezbollah in Lebanon now has more than 50,000 rockets for a future conflict with Israel. Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues to arm itself and Iran’s nuclear and missile programs stand poised to fulfill the mullahs’ dream of destroying the Jewish state.


See Ezekiel 38-39.

Russia is a key player in these events. Russia is now supplying arms to Iran. Ezekiel wrote about this in Chapters 38-39. This is now coming to pass.

This is the lead story on the Drudge Report for Saturday June 1st.

“Russia plans to resume nuclear submarine patrols in the southern seas after a hiatus of more than 20 years following the break-up of the Soviet Union, Itar-Tass news agency reported on Saturday, in another example of efforts to revive Moscow’s military.

The plan to send Borei-class submarines, designed to carry 16 long-range nuclear missiles, to the southern hemisphere follows President Vladimir Putin’s decision in March to deploy a naval unit in the Mediterranean Sea on a permanent basis starting this year.

“The revival of nuclear submarine patrols will allow us to fulfill the tasks of strategic deterrence not only across the North Pole but also the South Pole,” state-run Itar-Tass cited an unnamed official in the military General Staff as saying.

The official said the patrols would be phased in over several years. The Yuri Dolgoruky, the first of eight Borei-class submarines that Russia hopes to launch by 2020, entered service this year.

Putin has stressed the importance of a strong and agile military since returning to the presidency last May. In 13 years in power, he has often cited external threats when talking of the need for a reliable armed forces and Russian political unity.

Fears of a nuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States has eased in recent years, and the Cold War-era foes signed a landmark treaty in 2010 setting lower limits on the size of their long-range nuclear arsenals.

But the limited numbers of warheads and delivery vehicles such as submarines that they committed to under the New START treaty are still enough to devastate the world. Putin has made clear Russia will continue to upgrade its arsenal.

Russia’s land-launched Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) would fly over the northern part of the globe, as would those fired from submarines in the northern hemisphere.

Both the Borei-class submarines and the Bulava ballistic missiles they carry were designed in the 1990s, when the science and defense industries were severely underfunded.

Russia sees the Bulava as the backbone of its future nuclear deterrence, but the program has been set back by several botched launches over the past few years.


This from USNI News-” Iran could have enough launchers to send a salvo of medium range ballistic missiles that would overwhelm Israeli ballistic missile defense systems, according to a Wednesday report from IHS Jane’s.

A May, 26 broadcast on Iranian television showcased a collection of transporter erector launchers (TELs) capable of launching the Iranian Shahab-3 guided ballistic missiles.

“Iranian television footage showed at least 26 TELs lined up in two rows for the event, which marked their purported delivery to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force, which operates the country’s ballistic missiles,” according to the report.

The Shahab-3 is based on a North Korean design and is capable striking Israel from Iranian territory.

“The delivery of such a large number of missile launchers demonstrates the Islamic Republic of Iran’s self-sufficiency in designing and building the strategic system and shows the Iranian Armed Forces’ massive firepower and their ability to give a crushing response to the enemy,” Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said in a report carried by Iranian state news.

The more missiles Iran can launch at once, “the greater its chances of overwhelming defensive systems, such as Israel’s Arrow, which only have a limited number of interceptors ready to launch at incoming targets,” according to the Jane’s report

Arrow is a joint U.S.-Israel BMD system which saw its first deployment in 2000.

Despite the Iranian rhetoric, some U.S. analysts doubt Iran’s ability to overwhelm Israel’s defensive systems.

“The Iranians are very good at telling themselves they have terrific and devastating technology which a cynic or skeptic like me may doubt,” naval analyst Norman Friedman told USNI News.
“It is a lot easier to multiply [launchers] than missiles.”

The training and coordination to fire enough salvos to overwhelm a modern BMD system is substantial, former U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Tom Marfiak — the anti-air warfare commander during Desert Shield and Desert Storm — told USNI News.


The Jerusalem Post- “Britain is prepared to send arms to Syrian rebels should peace talks set for June fail to bring about an end to the conflict, The Financial Times reported on Friday, citing UK officials.

The EU ban on arming rebels expired Monday, paving the way for the UK to potentially send weapons to forces opposing Syrian President Bashar Assad.

France and Britain, the biggest supporters of scrapping the embargo, have officially said they had not yet decided to arm rebel forces in Syria.

However a British official cited in the Financial Times report said that, barring a diplomatic solution to the conflict, UK arming of the rebels is highly probable.

“The precise timing has not yet been finalized and no decision has yet been taken. But we are likely to be … shipping arms to the rebels by August.”

“What I expect is that over the next two or three months western powers will move low-grade arms supplies in bulk to the rebels. The rebels need ammunition, and a lot of it, just to keep fighting,” the official added.

The United States and Russia are trying to convene an international conference next month to end a 26-month-old conflict that has killed more than 80,000 people and threatens to engulf more countries in the Middle East.

Washington is hoping that the conference, known as “Geneva 2” after a first conference last year in the Swiss city, will lead to a transitional government in Syria.

The Financial Times quoted another British official as saying that, both in London and Paris, there are expectations that the US will also begin arming rebels should the June peace conference fail.


Y Net News- “The Russian firm in question is Rosoboronexport, which supplied Iran with defensive missile systems in 2006 and continues to maintain business ties with Iran in the missile sector. “The assessment is that Moscow is almost certainly not adopting a policy of supplying support for Iran’s missile program,” the intelligence report stated. However, it continued, the Russians did not see trade agreements with Iran pertaining to its commercial space programs as violating their commitment on missile technology.

Congress, meanwhile, is concerned that Russian companies are selling the Iranians equipment that is supposedly destined for commercial satellites, but could also serve Iran’s ballistic weapons industry.

While the Russian government has taken steps to control and enforce ballistic missile technology in the past decade, it has not fully succeeded, the report noted.

The conservative website Washington Free Bacon (chk) writes that the international Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) is too loose. The informal MTCR was designed to address violations by states such as Iran, North Korea, and Syria and punish suppliers of those nations’ missile and nuclear programs.


Let’s get one thing very clear. The way a nation or people treat us Jews and Israel this is the way Adonai will treat you. Adonai is giving the world a stern warning. The day of HIS judgment is coming. We Jews have a covenant with Adonai. Adonai is our protector and provider. Adonai also told us We Jews would know that Yeshua is the son of Adonai and HE is our saviour. This day is coming very soon.  We Jews would bow before Yeshua and proclaim HIM King and Lord over us all.  Yeshua is my redeemer and saviour. Soon my fellow Jews will proclaim the same truth.

The Sixties Radical- Evil Hides When The Light of God is Shown

The light of truth is being shown on the lies told by Obama, the state run media- Democrats with a byline, and the Left. The Lord used Mitt Romney in the debate with President Obama on Wednesday night to shine the light of truth on the real intentions of Obama and the Democratic Socialist Party.

The real intentions are a total state run country where all freedoms are taken away and “We the People” will become slaves of the state.  The God of the Bible will be replaced with the new God of the state run by Obama.

Obama never had a chance. He couldn’t look Romney in the face. Romney called Obama on all his lies about the economy, taxes, jobs lost and the real unemployment numbers.

When the light of truth is shown evil runs and hides.

This was the real Obama.

This truth sent the state run media and the Democrat Socialist Party in heart attack mode. Obama was left defenseless. This is what happens when the Lord God Almighty, and Jesus Christ expose the real truth.

When Obama is not in the presence of a Godly man he will tell lie after lie because God’s people are not present to shine the light of truth on veil.

What Obama and the statists do not get or understand is this. My country is on the verge of one of the greatest revivals the world has ever seen. The People of God are waking up. This wave of revival will sweep the nation back to our roots- The Word of God, The Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Jesus Christ.

Churches across the land are slowly waking up to the real fact that our country is inches away from becoming a totalitarian state.

The people of God are praying and asking God to intervene and show HIS mercy and Love on us. When this happens great things happen. “We the People” are using the greatest weapon we have prayer.

Then the people of God will rise up and kicked Obama to the curb.

The Lord has told us In Ezekiel 14:1-6. Some of the elders of Israel came to me and sat down in front of me. Then the word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, these men have set up idols in their hearts and put wicked stumbling blocks before their faces. Should I let them inquire of me at all? Therefore speak to them and tell them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: When any of the Israelites set up idols in their hearts and put a wicked stumbling block before their faces and then go to a prophet, I the Lord will answer them myself in keeping with their great idolatry. I will do this to recapture the hearts of the people of Israel, who have all deserted me for their idols.’

“Therefore say to the people of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Repent! Turn from your idols and renounce all your detestable practices!


By asking The Lord for forgiveness HIS mercy will deliver us from evil.  The People of God have gone into attack mode. We are now praying and fasting for forty days so that this nation will return to God’s word. Once this happens God’s blessing will return and once again the USA will be a blessing to the rest of the world.

No matter what the Left, the Democrat Socialist Party, or Democrats with a byline or the Left try and tell us the USA has always been the lifeline to the rest of the world.

What the people of God also see is that Obama is turning his back on Israel. Israel has been our greatest ally and The USA has abandoned my people The Jews and sold God’s chosen people for a few pieces of gold and to appease Muslims, Iran, and Russia. These nations are our enemies who want wipe all Jews off the face of the earth. Obama has thrown his hat in with nations hate all Jews and Israel.

God is very clear what happens when the nations of the world attack Israel. These nations will be destroyed. The God of the Bible has our backs. We have a covenant with God.

What are you saying Gee Man. The Lord Jesus Christ is waking up the people of God. He is calling us to action so that we can take back our country for the LORD.

In the end that’s whom I serve Jesus Christ. My life is to serve Lord and the Kingdom of God.

My people the Jews knew and understood who Jesus was. It was the religious leaders who spoke lies to rile up the people. The Pharoses wanted to keep their power so they played on the people’s emotions to choose Barabbas to be set free instead of Jesus. The Lord knew this would happen. For you see my people the Jews were chosen by God to birth Christianity.

Now my people are rebuilding the Temple and preparing for the return of Jesus. For God keeps his word and covenant with my people. We will get our saviour Jesus Christ. And you can make book on it.

We the people knew Jesus is the Son of God. It was the religious leaders who turned the Jewish people against Jesus.

Many Jews like me are and have accepted Jesus as our Lord saviour.

The UK Telegraph filed this story. Go to the Drudge Report http://www.drudgereport.com/.

Mitt Romney didn’t just beat Obama on Wednesday night. He also beat the liberal media. So great was his performance that liberal journalists simply had to concede the President’s defeat – a humiliation for an industry that has spent several years setting Obama up as the wisest, most eloquent, most popular politician since FDR. No longer can Romney be dismissed with a gag about a dog strapped to the roof of his car. This uptight rich guy could be the next President of the United States.

Evidence of liberal panic is everywhere. In the hours after the debate,the mood in the MSNBC bunker was near-suicidal – and it’s in tortured moments like these that all pretence of objectivity disappears. Chris Matthews (a former Democrat staffer turned TV motor mouth who undoubtedly talks in his sleep) ranted that Obama ought to watch MSNBC to learn how to fight conservatives. Ed Schultz was “stunned” and Rachel Maddow thought it might be sort of a draw (in the same way that the Titanic’s encounter with an iceberg was “sort of a draw”). The New York Times ran with the vague headline, “Obama and Romney, in First Debate, Spar Over Fixing Economy” and called the evening “unhelpful.” Why? Because their guy lost.

My main point throughout my commentary of this election hasn’t been that I want Romney to win but that I think he can. He can because a) this President’s domestic record is poor, b) Romney is a much better candidate that many people realise and c) Romney’s values are more representative of a slim majority of the American people than Obama’s. After Wednesday’s debate, I hope that all three of these points have become more apparent. That’s why it mattered so much.


Try this story on for size.

“Gasoline station owners in the Los Angeles area including Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST) are beginning to shut pumps as the state’s oil refiners started rationing supplies and spot prices surged to a record.

Valero Energy Corp. (VLO) stopped selling gasoline on the spot, or wholesale, market in Southern California and is allocating deliveries to customers. Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) is also rationing fuel to U.S. West Coast terminal customers. Costco’s outlet in Simi Valley, 40 miles (64 kilometers) northwest of Los Angeles, ran out of regular gasoline yesterday and was selling premium fuel at the price of regular.

Gasoline at the pump gained 8.3 cents to $4.315 a gallon in California yesterday, according to AAA.com, 53.1 cents more than the national average of $3.784. In Los Angeles the price was $4.347. Gasoline futures for November delivery on the Nymex rose 14.34 cents to settle at $2.9429 a gallon, after falling yesterday to a 10-week low. Retail price movements tend to lag behind those of futures.


Here’s some more bad news.

Gas prices seem to be climbing by the second, setting unwanted records, angering drivers and even causing closures at some pumps.

Gas prices shot up 19.2 cents overnight Thursday. The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in L.A. County was $4.58 on Friday, the highest figure since 2008.

The price increases could continue for weeks and the average might even break the $5 mark, according to experts.


The lies being told by the Democrats with a byline and the Obama are trying to convince us the economy is going great guns when we know it isn’t.

Couple these lies reported by the government that the unemployment numbers have dropped to 7.8% Yet how can this be when only 114 thousand jobs were created and over 1.2 million have lost their jobs since the beginning of the year.

The numbers don’t add up.

The books are cooked.

This story appeared on the Drudge Report.

“The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent last month, dropping below 8 percent for the first time in nearly four years and giving President Barack Obama a potential boost with the election a month away.

The rate declined from 8.1 percent because the number of people who said they were employed soared by 873,000 — an encouraging sign for an economy that’s been struggling to create enough jobs.


The real truth is that the job market is shrinking. At this rate we can have three quarters of the country out of work and the unemployment rate will be at 5%.

What a deal!

Rush Limbaugh predicted this would happen on his show May 4th, 2012.

Once again the Doctor of Democracy is right.

Here is the link.


This is all part of the lies told by the state run media to make the lie look like the truth. This is why the Word of God has to be our foundation. Our Founding Fathers knew this and this is why these men based The Constitution on the God’s word.

You will never see Christian or the Bile used in the actual words of the Constitution but the underlying ideas and principles are based on the word of God.

Numbers 23:24 “Look, a people rises like a lioness,
And lifts itself up like a lion;
It shall not lie down until it devours the prey,
And drinks the blood of the slain.


The people of God are pissed and we will rise up and fight for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and our country.

Let Liberty and Freedom shine throughout the land.

The Sixties Radical-An Open Invitation to Evil and Hell

While the evil Obama fiddles his way through trillions of our dollars in his blatant destruction of our country Russia begins to full fill Biblical prophecy written by Ezekiel over three thousand years ago.

Ezekiel wrote in Chapters 38 and 39 that Russia would join forces with Persian, this is the present day Iran, and lead the Muslims to attack and destroy Israel.  Many have scoffed at this idea. Modern day leaders tell us the Bible is antiquated. The Lord’s word is worthless therefore let’s get the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob outta this country for good. Yet, the very word of God was the bedrock upon which my country was built upon. The snubbing of our noses at the God of the Bible and kicking Him to the curb is very source of our problems. Since this happened in 1963 my country has taken a direct nose to hell.

Obama is giving the middle finger to our heritage yet while doing this he is totally in cohorts with the evil forces that are planning to destroy my country and the rest of the world. This purposeful destruction of our society is done under the watchful eye of the devil. The evil Obama is leaving the I-40 corridor unprotected. He is giving an invitation to all illegals and those want to kill us all a free ticket to ride. The Obama administration is closing border patrol offices throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and Montana. This action leaves our southern borders defenseless.  And the truth is that the evil Obama is doing this on purpose so that we will be over run with illegals. Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, the Left, and many statists of the Republican Party, and the idiot Christian Ministers like Jim Tolle, Spanish Church on the Way, Van Nuys California view this as the compassionate thing to do. Destroy this country in the name of God and Jesus. That’s right I said.

I would have never known about this if I didn’t listen to Mark Levin’s show on Tuesday July 10th. Here is the link to the story Amarillo Globe News


Border Patrol officials ordered nine stations to be shuttered nationwide, six of them in Texas, said Bill Brooks, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, or CBP. Stations in Dallas, San Angelo, Abilene and San Antonio also will close, he said.”

Fox News wrote this.

“The Obama administration is moving to shut down nine Border Patrol stations across four states, triggering a backlash from local law enforcement, members of Congress and Border Patrol agents themselves.

Critics of the move warn the closures will undercut efforts to intercept drug and human traffickers in well-traveled corridors north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Though the affected stations are scattered throughout northern and central Texas, and three other states, the coverage areas still see plenty of illegal immigrant activity — one soon-to-be-shuttered station in Amarillo, Texas, is right in the middle of the I-40 corridor; another in Riverside, Calif., is outside Los Angeles.”


This moronic destruction of my country led by the evil Obama has direct ties to the news that Russian ships are racing to Syria to help out. The Drudge Report reported on this July 11th.


This story appeared in the New York Times. Not one in the state run media outlet had anything to say about this news except Fox News.

“The announcement appeared intended to punctuate Russia’s effort to position itself as an increasingly decisive broker in resolving the antigovernment uprising in Syria, Russia’s last ally in the Middle East and home to Tartus, its only foreign military base outside the former Soviet Union. The announcement also came a day after Russia said it was halting new shipments of weapons to the Syrian military until the conflict settled down.”


Fox News is the only outlet to stay on top of this.

This story appeared on the Fox News Website. www.foxnews.com

The eyes of the world are on Syria and rightfully so. The atrocities of the Assad regime are horrific. There’s no question that a friendly Syria, without Assad, would be great news for the free world. It would weaken Iran, allow Israel to be able to deal with Hezbollah, and most importantly would stop the slaughter of the Syrian people.

Read more:


What the world is missing is this. Russian is now ready to aid Syria, Iran and the rest of the Middle East as it readies for war agianst my people the Jews.

Ezekiel wrote all of this over three thousand years ago in the Bible.

Ezekiel 38 and 39 lay out the entire process that is happening now in the Middle East.

Ezekiel 38 The word of Adonai came to me: 2 “Human being, turn your face toward Gog (of the land of Magog), chief prince of Meshekh and Tuval; and prophesy against him. 3 Say that Adonai Elohim says, ‘I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshekh and Tuval. 4 I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with all your army, horses and horsemen, all completely equipped, a great horde with breastplates and shields, all wielding swords. 5 Paras, Ethiopia and Put are with them, all with breastplates and helmets; 6 Gomer with all its troops; the house of Togarmah in the far reaches of the north, with all its troops — many peoples are with you. 7 Prepare yourself, get ready, you and all your crowd gathered around you; and take charge of them. 8 After many days have passed, you will be mustered for service; in later years you will invade the land which has been brought back from the sword, gathered out of many peoples, the mountains of Isra’el. They had been lying in ruins for a long time, but now Isra’el has been extracted from the peoples and all of them are living there securely. 9 You will come up like a storm, you will be like a cloud covering the land — you and all your troops, and many other peoples with you.’

Adonai Elohim

says: ‘When that day comes, thoughts will well up in your mind, and you will devise a sinister scheme. 11 You will say, “I am going to invade this land of unwalled villages; I will take by surprise these people who are at peace, living securely, all in places without walls, bars or gates. 12 I will seize the spoil and take the plunder.” You will attack the former ruins that are now inhabited and come against the people gathered from the nations, who have acquired livestock and other wealth and are living in the central parts of the land. 13 Sh’va, D’dan and all the leading merchants of Tarshish will ask you, “Have you come to seize spoil? Have you assembled your hordes to loot; to carry off silver, gold, livestock and other wealth; to take much plunder?”’

Therefore, human being, prophesy! Tell Gog that Adonai Elohim says this: ‘Won’t you be aware of it when my people Isra’el are living in security? 15 You will choose just that time to come from your place in the far reaches of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them on horseback, a huge horde, a mighty army; 16 and you will invade my people Isra’el like a cloud covering the land. This will be in the acharit-hayamim; and I will bring you against my land, so that the Goyim will know me when, before their eyes, I am set apart as holy through you, Gog.’

Adonai Elohim

says: ‘I spoke of you long ago through my servants the prophets of Isra’el. Back then, they prophesied for many years that I would have you invade them. 18 When that day comes, when Gog invades the land of Isra’el,’ says Adonai Elohim, ‘my furious anger will boil up. 19 In my jealousy, in my heated fury I speak: when that day comes there will be a great earthquake in the land of Isra’el; 20 so that the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the wild beasts, all the reptiles creeping on the ground and every human being there in the land will tremble before me. Mountains will fall, cliffs crumble and every wall crash to the ground. 21 I will summon a sword against him throughout all my mountains,’ says Adonai Elohim; ‘every man will wield his sword against his brother. 22 I will judge him with plague and with blood. I will cause torrential rain to fall on him, his troops and the many peoples with him, along with huge hailstones, fire and sulfur. 23 I will show my greatness and holiness, making myself known in the sight of many nations; then they will know that I am Adonai.’


Ezekiel 39. “So you, human being, prophesy against Gog; say that Adonai Elohim says: ‘I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshekh and Tuval. 2 I will turn you around, lead you on and bring you from the far reaches of the north against the mountains of Isra’el. 3 But then I will knock your bow out of your left hand and make your arrows drop from your right hand. 4 You will fall on the mountains of Isra’el, you, your troops and all the peoples with you; I will give you to be eaten up by all kinds of birds of prey and by wild animals. 5 You will fall in the open field, for I have spoken,’ says Adonai Elohim.

“‘I will also send fire against Magog and against those living securely in the coastlands; then they will know that I am Adonai. 7 I will make my holy name known among my people Isra’el; I will not allow my holy name to be profaned any longer. Then the Goyim will know that I am Adonai, the Holy One in Isra’el. 8 Yes, this is coming, and it will be done,’ says Adonai Elohim; ‘this is the day about which I have spoken.

“‘Those living in Isra’el’s cities will go out and set fire to the weapons, to use as fuel — the shields, breastplates, bows, arrows, clubs and spears; they will use them for fire seven years; 10 so that they will not need to gather wood from the fields or cut down any from the forests; because they will use the weapons for fire. Thus they will plunder those who plundered them and rob those who robbed them,’ says Adonai Elohim.

When that day comes, I will give Gog a place there in Isra’el for graves, the Travelers’ Valley, east of the sea; and it will block the travelers’ passage. There they will bury Gog and all his horde, and they will rename it the Valley of Hamon-Gog [horde of Gog]. 12 It will take the house of Isra’el seven months to bury them, in order to cleanse the land. 13 Yes, all the people of the land will be burying them; they will become famous for it. It will be a day for me to be glorified,’ says Adonai Elohim. 14 ‘They will then pick men for the continual duty of going through the land and burying with the travelers the corpses still lying out on the ground, in order to cleanse it; they will begin their search after the seven months. 15 As they go through the land, if anyone sees a human bone, he will put a marker next to it until the gravediggers have buried it in the Valley of Hamon-Gog. 16 Moreover, “Hamonah” [its horde] will be the name of a city. Thus will they cleanse the land.’

As for you, human, Adonai Elohim says that you are to speak to all kinds of birds and to every wild animal as follows: ‘Assemble yourselves and come, gather yourselves from all around for the sacrifice I am preparing for you, a great sacrifice on the mountains of Isra’el, where you can eat flesh and drink blood! 18 You will eat the flesh of heroes and drink the blood of the earth’s princes — rams, lambs, goats and bulls, fattened in Bashan, all of them. 19 You will eat fat till you are gorged and drink blood till you are drunk at the sacrifice I have prepared for you. 20 At my table you will be satiated with horses, horsemen, heroes and every kind of warrior,’ says Adonai Elohim.

Thus will I display my glory among the nations, so that all the nations will see my judgment when I execute it and my hand when I lay it on them. 22 From that day on, the house of Isra’el will know that I am Adonai their God; 23 while the Goyim will know that the house of Isra’el went into exile because of their guilt, because they broke faith with me; so that I hid my face from them and handed them over to their adversaries; and they fell by the sword, all of them. 24 Yes, I treated them as their uncleanness and crimes deserved; and I hid my face from them.’

Therefore Adonai Elohim says this: ‘Now I will restore the fortunes of Ya‘akov and have compassion on the entire house of Isra’el, and I will be jealous for my holy name. 26 They will bear their shame and all their [guilt from] breaking faith with me, once they are living securely in their land, with no one to make them afraid. 27 This will be after I have brought them back from the peoples and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, thereby being consecrated through them in the sight of many nations. 28 Then they will know that I am Adonai their God, since it was I who caused them to go into exile among the nations, and it was I who regathered them to their own land. I will leave none of them there any more, 29 and I will no longer hide my face from them, for I have poured out my Spirit on the house of Isra’el,’ says Adonai Elohim.”


Please take heed folks for the word of God is true. The Bible is telling us what will happen to the world. And this especially holds true for my people the Jews and the Middle East.

Bible prophecy is on a head on collusion with the world as we know it.

You have been warned what happens when man disobeys the word of God. Always remember this one key point. The Lord God almighty gives a choice so choose wisely my friend.

The Sixties Radical- With Friends Like You Who Needs Enemies

Once again the true colors of the evil Obama and his cohorts in the Democrat Socialist Party are shinning through. This news story has received little play in the state-run media. Only Fox News reported this story.

Some high level officials in the Obama administration have leaked to the rest of the world Israel’s plans to attack Iran. The Israelis planned to stage the attack from Azerbaijan. Israel has been working on their relationship with Azerbaijan for quite a while now. These plans have gone up in smoke. Thank you Obama and the leakers who have the element of surprise.

This story appeared in The Independent. “Israel’s military may have negotiated access to strategically placed air bases in Azerbaijan that could be used in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, US officials have said.

The unconfirmed report in Foreign Policy magazine suggested deepening co-operation between Israel and the Caucasian republic, which shares a border with Iran. It said that Israel and Azerbaijan secured a $1.6bn arms deal in February, which included the pledged sale of drones and anti-aircraft missile systems to Baku.”


This story appeared www.haaretz.com

“At 8:58 P.M. on Tuesday, Israel’s 2012 war against Iran came to a quiet end. The capricious plans for a huge aerial attack were returned to the deep recesses of safes and hearts. The war may not have been canceled but it has certainly been postponed. For a while, at least, we can sound the all clear: It won’t happen this year. Until further notice, Israel Air Force Flight 007 will not be taking off.”


Former U.S diplomat John Bolton accused the Obama administration of leaking the information.

This story appeared on Fox News March 29th, 2012.


The evil Obama is waging an all war against Israel. His administration is leaking these secrets on purpose so that Israel will become defenseless against the on slaught of Iran.

Iran has stated that they want to wipe all Jews of the face of the earth.

This quote appeared on http://conservativebyte.com/2012/03/treason-obama-leaks-israeli-strike-plan-on-iran/ 

“We’re watching what Iran does closely,’ one of the US sources, an intelligence officer engaged in assessing the ramifications of a prospective Israeli attack confirmed,’” according to the article. “But we’re now watching what Israel is doing in Azerbaijan. And we’re not happy about it.’” And this is just the latest in a series of high-profile stories – based, in most cases, on unnamed American sources – warning about a possible strike.”

This is the first time in our history that we openly aided enemies that want to destroy and kill all Jews and wipe this country off the face of the earth. President Roosevelt did not  help the Jews prior to World War Two but Roosevelt did not give secrets to the Nazis like Obama and his administration gave to Iran.

This is an open act of treason.

Congress needs to find out who leaked this information and put these people in jail.

The stakes are high. Iran does have nuclear weapons. My people have to defend themselves. We can’t sit by and do nothing. Iran right now has the capability to launch nuclear weapons as far Israel and Southern Europe.

The peace niks think this is the best way to stop Israel from attacking Iran. These mis guided people think this will bring peace. Yet, the opposite is true Iran does have the capability to deploy nuclear weapons. When the Iranians are ready to attack they will. These people want to wipe all Jews and the United States of America off the face of th earth.

This you can make book on.

The Bible is very clear on this. The enemies of Israel will be destroyed.

The world forgets we are the chosen people. We have a covenant with God. God will protect us.

Read Ezekiel 38 and 39.

The Sixties Radical-To Hide The Truth Place it In Plain Sight

It’s already the third day into the new year and the news coming out of Iran should send chills down your spin.

The real news is this Iran has developed a nuclear fuel rod.

This story has appeared on the Fox News site January 1st, 2012 and has now has been relegated to second-class status.

Here is the Fox News Link- http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/01/01/iran-claims-to-have-produced-its-first-nuclear-fuel-rod/

The other state run media outlets are not making a big deal out of this.

Here is the lead paragraph from CNS News source. AP writer Ali Akbar Dareini wrote this story January 1st, 2012. “Iranian scientists have produced the nation’s first nuclear fuel rod, a feat of engineering the West has doubted Tehran capable of, the country’s nuclear agency said Sunday.”

Here is the big lie in the story reported by AP. The announcement marks another step in Tehran’s efforts to achieve proficiency in the entire nuclear fuel cycle — from exploring uranium ore to producing nuclear fuel — despite U.N. sanctions and measures by the U.S. and others to get it to halt aspects of its atomic work that could provide a possible pathway to weapons production.

This is not about fuel but building nuclear arms to attack and destroy Israel and the rest of the western world. Yet this lie has been repeated and repeated by the state run shills and the rest of the western world.

Here is the link to the story-  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/iran-says-its-produced-first-nuclear-fuel-rod

The stupid UN and the evil Obama want to put more sanctions on Iran.

This is about as effective as a screen door on a submarine.

CNN wrote this January 2nd, 2012 by Shirzad Bozorgmehr.

“Fuel rods are stacks of low-enriched uranium pellets that are bundled together at the core of a nuclear reactor. Sunday’s announcement appeared aimed at demonstrating Iran’s growing sophistication in developing a home-grown nuclear program, amid fears from the West that it will use its knowledge to build nuclear weapons.”

“In January 2008, Fars reported that Iran was able to produce everything it needs for the nuclear fuel cycle, making its nuclear program self-sufficient. But it was not clear that Tehran actually had the technology to turn enriched uranium into fuel rods.”

Here is the link — http://edition.cnn.com/2012/01/01/world/meast/iran-nuclear-rod/?hpt=hp_c3

My question to these reporters is this. Who gave the Iranians the knowledge to build these rods?

It sure as hell isn’t Syria.

I am willing to bet it is Russia.

The Bible is very clear that Persia and Russia will form an alliance and attack Israel.

Persia is modern day Iran.

Quotes taken from Mitchell Bard Jewish Virtual Library  “In March 2005, Ukraine admitted that it had exported to Iran cruise missiles that are capable of reaching Israel and carrying nuclear weapons. In 2001, 12 Soviet-era X-55 cruise missiles with a range of 3,500 kilometers were exported to Iran. Israel is also concerned that Teheran is developing its own cruise missile to evade interception by the Arrow, the IDF’s anti-ballistic missile defense system (Jerusalem Post, May 6, 2008).

Brig.-Gen. Yossi Baidatz, head of Israeli Military Intelligence’s research division, said on December 7, 2009, Iran has the technical capability to build a nuclear bomb and the only thing separating it from the bomb is the decision to build one. Baidatz said Iran had successfully enriched 1,800 kilograms of uranium, enough to build over one bomb (Jerusalem Post, December 8, 2009).

Israel first received reports about an Iranian nuclear program in May 1992 and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin tried to warn the Clinton Administration. The CIA, however, maintained that the Iranina program was civilian rather than military, an assessment the agency did not abandon until 1998 (New Republic, February 5, 2007).

The head of the Israeli Military Intelligence research division said Iran now has the capability to build a bomb (Jerusalem Post, December 8, 2009). A few months earlier, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on April 2, 2009, “I think the Iranians are on a path to building nuclear weapons…we don’t have a lot of time” (Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2009). This follows release of a February 2009 IAEA report states that inspectors uncovered 209 kilograms of low-enriched uranium that the Iranians had failed to declare, which brings the total amount that Teheran has so far enriched to over a ton, enough, with additional purification, to produce a nuclear weapon. “It’s worse than we thought. It’s alarming that the actual production was underreported by a third,” said Gary Milhollin, the director of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control (Jerusalem Post, February 20, 2009).”

Here is the link to read the rest- http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Threats_to_Israel/Iran.html 

Then read Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Iran has already tested fired a missile in the Persian Gulf twenty-three hours ago.

The Washington Post filed this story January 1st, 2012 written by Parisa Hafezi.

TEHRAN — Iran announced a nuclear fuel breakthrough and test-fired a new radar-evading medium-range missile in the Persian Gulf on Sunday, moves that could further antagonize the West at a time when Tehran is trying to avert harsh new sanctions on its oil industry.

Here is the stupid quote of the day taken from the story- “Western analysts say Iran sometimes exaggerates its nuclear advances to try to gain leverage in its standoff with the West.”

Here is the link- http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/iran-claims-nuclear-fuel-advance-test-fires-missile-in-gulf/2012/01/01/gIQAbrXpUP_story.html

The left always will put this crap in a story to support their idiotic nonsense that Iran is a peaceful nation.

Iran is out destory Israel and the rest of the westwern world.

This is what the Arab Spring was about.

It sure as hell wasn’t about democracy.

The sole purpose of the Arab Spring was bring about Sharia Law in Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Middle East.

Once this was accomplished my people the Jews would be surrounded.

Then Iranian back forces with weapons supplied by Russia would destory and wipe all Jews off the face of the earth.

The Sixties Radical- The Lying Media

Thank you Mark Levin for turning me on to this news website. I used to have Fox News as my web browser site. Not anymore.

Fox News has taken a hard left turn.

CNS is a great news site. These good folks give you stories you will never hear or read about on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest.

The state run lame stream sycophant media can never be trusted.

Here is a sample of the stories that will only be seen on http://cnsnews.com/

I never knew about this story until I heard it on Mark Levin.

Terence Jeffery wrote this story on December 9th, 2011.

Here is the money quote- Then, during Kagan’s Supreme Court confirmation process four months later, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked her in writing if she had “ever been asked about your opinion” or “offered any view or comments” on the “the underlying legal or constitutional issues related to any proposed health care legislation, including but not limited to Pub. L. No. 111-148 [PPACA], or the underlying legal or constitutional issues related to potential litigation resulting from such legislation?”

Kagan answered both questions: “No.”

Here is the link – http://cnsnews.com/news/article/internal-doj-email-kagan-was-brought-loop-mark-levin-s-obamacare-complaint

This story was never reported by anyone in the state run media.

Here is another story how the evil one Obama is bending over backwards to appease the Islamic groups and bestow upon them rights and privileges while at the same time telling my people to put it where the sun don’t shine.

Obama hates all Jews.

His actions show his real intentions.

Patrick Goodenough wrote this puppy on December 9th.

This all about that how we must have religious tolerance for folks who want to wipe all Jews off the face of the earth and destroy the western world, as we know it.

Here is the money quote -On the sidelines of a first meeting held to advance resolution 16/18, in Istanbul last July, Pakistan’s U.N. ambassador Zamir Akram said that the OIC would not compromise on three things – anything said or done against the Qur’an, anything said or done against Mohammed, and discrimination against the Muslim community. (Akram represents a government overseeing some of the Islamic world’s most controversial blasphemy laws, where “blaspheming” the Qur’an or Mohammed carries the death penalty.)

Translated into real world terms you cannot say anything against the Qur’an or Islam or you die. Yet the Islamists can yell from the rooftops about killing all Jews and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

“The new resolution, known as “resolution 16/18,” called on countries to combat intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization” based on religion, without seeking to criminalize speech – except in cases of “incitement to imminent violence.”

If this is the case then why haven’t these do gooders criminalized hate speech against fellow Jews like me?

In the real world this will never happen for it is open season against Israel and all Jews.

Don’t doubt me on this.

The Left, Islam, Libs and every nut job in the world can say what they want but if you are a conservative or a Jew you better not say a word or we will attack you.

Here is the link – http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-administration-welcoming-islamic-group-washington-discussion-tolerance

So I will beg the question how much do we really know what is going on in this country?

If one reads the main stream media not much at all.

These lying fools will spoon feed you want THEY want you to know.

It all comes down to this Rush is right.

Mark Levin gives you the truth.

Glenn Beck tells it like it is.

The rest are lairs.

You can take that to the bank.


The Sixties Radical-

We have a mad man building nukes in Iran.  Ahmadinejad is in the process to blow Israel off the face of the earth. And what are we concentrating on in this country?

Pure bullshit.

The top story is the bogus Herman Cain sex charges led by the head fool Gloria Allred and her parade of lairs. The state run lap dog media, the left, the elite Republicans, fake conservatives like Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, and the rest stoops want to destroy Herman Cain and conservatives.

These jokers think this is business as usual.

It isn’t.

Yo dummies, we have real problems in this country.

We have a President who is ripping to shreds the Constitution. Obama is ruling by executive fait. He is by passing congress and writing laws through executive orders.

We have an attorney General Eric Holder who sold guns to Mexican drug Cartels to destroy the Second Amendment.

See look at what these people are doing. They are getting guns and using them to kill people.

However the hidden fact was that Eric Holder and with knowledge and the okay from Obama sold the guns to the cartels.

Holder and Obama wanted to blame the drug cartels getting guns on the conservatives and gun shops in Arizona and this would lead the people to klammer for gun control.

This was done under the radar to bring about gun control.

Here are some quotes from our founding fathers on this subject-

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

-Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria.

“…arms…discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. …Horrid mischief would ensue were (the law-abiding) deprived the use of them.”

-Thomas Paine.

“To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them…”

-Richard Henry Lee writing in Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic (1787-1788).

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms has been recognized by the General Government; but the best security of that right after all is, the military spirit, that taste for martial exercises, which has always distinguished the free citizens of these States…Such men form the best barrier to the liberties of America.”

-Gazette of the United States, October 14, 1789.

James Madison wrote the Federalist Paper 46-

RESUMING the subject of the last paper, I proceed to inquire whether the federal government or the State governments will have the advantage with regard to the predilection and support of the people. Notwithstanding the different modes in which they are appointed, we must consider both of them as substantially dependent on the great body of the citizens of the United States. I assume this position here as it respects the first, reserving the proofs for another place. The federal and State governments are in fact but different agents and trustees of the people, constituted with different powers, and designed for different purposes. The adversaries of the Constitution seem to have lost sight of the people altogether in their reasonings on this subject; and to have viewed these different establishments, not only as mutual rivals and enemies, but as uncontrolled by any common superior in their efforts to usurp the authorities of each other. These gentlemen must here be reminded of their error. They must be told that the ultimate authority, wherever the derivative may be found, resides in the people alone, and that it will not depend merely on the comparative ambition or address of the different governments, whether either, or which of them, will be able to enlarge its sphere of jurisdiction at the expense of the other. Truth, no less than decency, requires that the event in every case should be supposed to depend on the sentiments and sanction of their common constituents.

Many considerations, besides those suggested on a former occasion, seem to place it beyond doubt that the first and most natural attachment of the people will be to the governments of their respective States. Into the administration of these a greater number of individuals will expect to rise. From the gift of these a greater number of offices and emoluments will flow. By the superintending care of these, all the more domestic and personal interests of the people will be regulated and provided for. With the affairs of these, the people will be more familiarly and minutely conversant. And with the members of these, will a greater proportion of the people have the ties of personal acquaintance and friendship, and of family and party attachments; on the side of these, therefore, the popular bias may well be expected most strongly to incline.

Experience speaks the same language in this case. The federal administration, though hitherto very defective in comparison with what may be hoped under a better system, had, during the war, and particularly whilst the independent fund of paper emissions was in credit, an activity and importance as great as it can well have in any future circumstances whatever. It was engaged, too, in a course of measures which had for their object the protection of everything that was dear, and the acquisition of everything that could be desirable to the people at large. It was, nevertheless, invariably found, after the transient enthusiasm for the early Congresses was over, that the attention and attachment of the people were turned anew to their own particular governments; that the federal council was at no time the idol of popular favor; and that opposition to proposed enlargements of its powers and importance was the side usually taken by the men who wished to build their political consequence on the prepossessions of their fellow-citizens.

If, therefore, as has been elsewhere remarked, the people should in future become more partial to the federal than to the State governments, the change can only result from such manifest and irresistible proofs of a better administration, as will overcome all their antecedent propensities. And in that case, the people ought not surely to be precluded from giving most of their confidence where they may discover it to be most due; but even in that case the State governments could have little to apprehend, because it is only within a certain sphere that the federal power can, in the nature of things, be advantageously administered.

The remaining points on which I propose to compare the federal and State governments, are the disposition and the faculty they may respectively possess, to resist and frustrate the measures of each other.

It has been already proved that the members of the federal will be more dependent on the members of the State governments, than the latter will be on the former. It has appeared also, that the prepossessions of the people, on whom both will depend, will be more on the side of the State governments, than of the federal government. So far as the disposition of each towards the other may be influenced by these causes, the State governments must clearly have the advantage. But in a distinct and very important point of view, the advantage will lie on the same side. The prepossessions, which the members themselves will carry into the federal government, will generally be favorable to the States; whilst it will rarely happen, that the members of the State governments will carry into the public councils a bias in favor of the general government. A local spirit will infallibly prevail much more in the members of Congress, than a national spirit will prevail in the legislatures of the particular States. Every one knows that a great proportion of the errors committed by the State legislatures proceeds from the disposition of the members to sacrifice the comprehensive and permanent interest of the State, to the particular and separate views of the counties or districts in which they reside. And if they do not sufficiently enlarge their policy to embrace the collective welfare of their particular State, how can it be imagined that they will make the aggregate prosperity of the Union, and the dignity and respectability of its government, the objects of their affections and consultations? For the same reason that the members of the State legislatures will be unlikely to attach themselves sufficiently to national objects, the members of the federal legislature will be likely to attach themselves too much to local objects. The States will be to the latter what counties and towns are to the former. Measures will too often be decided according to their probable effect, not on the national prosperity and happiness, but on the prejudices, interests, and pursuits of the governments and people of the individual States. What is the spirit that has in general characterized the proceedings of Congress? A perusal of their journals, as well as the candid acknowledgments of such as have had a seat in that assembly, will inform us, that the members have but too frequently displayed the character, rather of partisans of their respective States, than of impartial guardians of a common interest; that where on one occasion improper sacrifices have been made of local considerations, to the aggrandizement of the federal government, the great interests of the nation have suffered on a hundred, from an undue attention to the local prejudices, interests, and views of the particular States. I mean not by these reflections to insinuate, that the new federal government will not embrace a more enlarged plan of policy than the existing government may have pursued; much less, that its views will be as confined as those of the State legislatures; but only that it will partake sufficiently of the spirit of both, to be disinclined to invade the rights of the individual States, or the preorgatives of their governments. The motives on the part of the State governments, to augment their prerogatives by defalcations from the federal government, will be overruled by no reciprocal predispositions in the members.

Were it admitted, however, that the Federal government may feel an equal disposition with the State governments to extend its power beyond the due limits, the latter would still have the advantage in the means of defeating such encroachments. If an act of a particular State, though unfriendly to the national government, be generally popular in that State and should not too grossly violate the oaths of the State officers, it is executed immediately and, of course, by means on the spot and depending on the State alone. The opposition of the federal government, or the interposition of federal officers, would but inflame the zeal of all parties on the side of the State, and the evil could not be prevented or repaired, if at all, without the employment of means which must always be resorted to with reluctance and difficulty. On the other hand, should an unwarrantable measure of the federal government be unpopular in particular States, which would seldom fail to be the case, or even a warrantable measure be so, which may sometimes be the case, the means of opposition to it are powerful and at hand. The disquietude of the people; their repugnance and, perhaps, refusal to co-operate with the officers of the Union; the frowns of the executive magistracy of the State; the embarrassments created by legislative devices, which would often be added on such occasions, would oppose, in any State, difficulties not to be despised; would form, in a large State, very serious impediments; and where the sentiments of several adjoining States happened to be in unison, would present obstructions which the federal government would hardly be willing to encounter.

But ambitious encroachments of the federal government, on the authority of the State governments, would not excite the opposition of a single State, or of a few States only. They would be signals of general alarm. Every government would espouse the common cause. A correspondence would be opened. Plans of resistance would be concerted. One spirit would animate and conduct the whole. The same combinations, in short, would result from an apprehension of the federal, as was produced by the dread of a foreign, yoke; and unless the projected innovations should be voluntarily renounced, the same appeal to a trial of force would be made in the one case as was made in the other. But what degree of madness could ever drive the federal government to such an extremity. In the contest with Great Britain, one part of the empire was employed against the other. The more numerous part invaded the rights of the less numerous part. The attempt was unjust and unwise; but it was not in speculation absolutely chimerical. But what would be the contest in the case we are supposing? Who would be the parties? A few representatives of the people would be opposed to the people themselves; or rather one set of representatives would be contending against thirteen sets of representatives, with the whole body of their common constituents on the side of the latter.

The only refuge left for those who prophesy the downfall of the State governments is the visionary supposition that the federal government may previously accumulate a military force for the projects of ambition. The reasonings contained in these papers must have been employed to little purpose indeed, if it could be necessary now to disprove the reality of this danger. That the people and the States should, for a sufficient period of time, elect an uninterupted succession of men ready to betray both; that the traitors should, throughout this period, uniformly and systematically pursue some fixed plan for the extension of the military establishment; that the governments and the people of the States should silently and patiently behold the gathering storm, and continue to supply the materials, until it should be prepared to burst on their own heads, must appear to every one more like the incoherent dreams of a delirious jealousy, or the misjudged exaggerations of a counterfeit zeal, than like the sober apprehensions of genuine patriotism. Extravagant as the supposition is, let it however be made. Let a regular army, fully equal to the resources of the country, be formed; and let it be entirely at the devotion of the federal government; still it would not be going too far to say, that the State governments, with the people on their side, would be able to repel the danger. The highest number to which, according to the best computation, a standing army can be carried in any country, does not exceed one hundredth part of the whole number of souls; or one twenty-fifth part of the number able to bear arms. This proportion would not yield, in the United States, an army of more than twenty-five or thirty thousand men. To these would be opposed a militia amounting to near half a million of citizens with arms in their hands, officered by men chosen from among themselves, fighting for their common liberties, and united and conducted by governments possessing their affections and confidence. It may well be doubted, whether a militia thus circumstanced could ever be conquered by such a proportion of regular troops. Those who are best acquainted with the last successful resistance of this country against the British arms, will be most inclined to deny the possibility of it. Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached, and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of. Notwithstanding the military establishments in the several kingdoms of Europe, which are carried as far as the public resources will bear, the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. And it is not certain, that with this aid alone they would not be able to shake off their yokes. But were the people to possess the additional advantages of local governments chosen by themselves, who could collect the national will and direct the national force, and of officers appointed out of the militia, by these governments, and attached both to them and to the militia, it may be affirmed with the greatest assurance, that the throne of every tyranny in Europe would be speedily overturned in spite of the legions which surround it. Let us not insult the free and gallant citizens of America with the suspicion, that they would be less able to defend the rights of which they would be in actual possession, than the debased subjects of arbitrary power would be to rescue theirs from the hands of their oppressors. Let us rather no longer insult them with the supposition that they can ever reduce themselves to the necessity of making the experiment, by a blind and tame submission to the long train of insidious measures which must precede and produce it.

The argument under the present head may be put into a very concise form, which appears altogether conclusive. Either the mode in which the federal government is to be constructed will render it sufficiently dependent on the people, or it will not. On the first supposition, it will be restrained by that dependence from forming schemes obnoxious to their constituents. On the other supposition, it will not possess the confidence of the people, and its schemes of usurpation will be easily defeated by the State governments, who will be supported by the people.

On summing up the considerations stated in this and the last paper, they seem to amount to the most convincing evidence, that the powers proposed to be lodged in the federal government are as little formidable to those reserved to the individual States, as they are indispensably necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Union; and that all those alarms which have been sounded, of a meditated and consequential annihilation of the State governments, must, on the most favorable interpretation, be ascribed to the chimerical fears of the authors of them.

We have a government that is power mad.

The evil Obama wants to make slaves and servants of us all.

The country is broke.

We are spending money faster than it can be print.

All of this is done in the name of progress and compassion.

Tax the rich.

Tax the poor.

Tax everyone so the Unions will be paid off.

The evil Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party are using state and federal unions as well as all state workers and federal workers as a money-laundering scheme to keep the status que.

Ohio fell for this straw dog argument.

If you limited state unions and their pensions and force these leaches to pay for health care you will cause all cops and firefighters to be laid off and the result will be chaos.

Here’s a news flash fools.

Who the fuck do think pays for all of these.

We do!

We The People are broke.

We don’t have the money.

We are having trouble feeding our families, paying our mortgages, car payments, and healthcare.

Food, gas, clothing, and everyday expenses are going through the roof.


The evil Obama has killed private sector jobs and the housing market.

We the people are stuck with the bill.

This country is on the precipice. One step and we are toast.

The Democrat Socialist Party is going over the cliff at 100 mph.

The elite Republicans only want to go over the cliff at sixty mph.

Here’s a dose of reality it doesn’t matter if one goes over the cliff and 100 or 60 mph you still go over the cliff.

Kaboom Baby.

We are dead meat.