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The Sixties Radical- Azriel Be a Mentsch

There is a way to live divinely by just being a mentsch.

A mentsch is someone who respects the needs and wishes of others—especially the desires of those in his care.

In the care of each of us is entrusted a divine soul. She has a terrible allergy to all those messy deeds that darken her world, and desires only those beautiful deeds that will bring in more light.

And you, being a mentsch, could you stand in her way?


The Sixties Radical- Azriel Harmony

This is the advantage we human beings have over the other mammals: Their brain and heart are on a single plane, but we stand erect, living in two planes at once.

We have a mind above, looking up to the stars, and from there all things begin. We have a heart below, pumping life into the mind’s vision and drawing it into the real world.

When their roles are lost, mind and heart become a marriage from hell. When they work in harmony, nothing can stand in their way.


The Sixties Radical- Azriel Waking Up G-d

A spark of G‑d slumbers within, as a flame hushed within the embers.

Will she awaken from ideas? They are only more dreams to sleep by.

Will she awaken from deep thoughts? She is smothered yet deeper within the ashes.

She will awaken when she sees her Beloved, the One Above with Whom she is one.

And where will she see Him? Not in ideas, not in deep thoughts, but in a G‑dly deed that she will do, in an act of infinite beauty.

Then her flame will burn bright.

Maamar VeIshah Achas.



The Sixties Radical- Azriel The Power of the Tongue!

Our words mean things. What we say is a reflection of our heart. G-d warns us that when we make a vow we must do what we say.

G-d has given me stern warnings about my tongue. HE has told me “don’t ever speak to me that way again.”

The power of life and death is in the tongue. G-d created the earth with ten utterances. This means what I say has an effect on very life itself.

HaShem told me control your tongue.

I am learning how to do this.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Strengthen our Bond with HaShem

G-d sees the sacrifices that we make as HIS daily food. These sacrifices are the things sustain the daily life force in the world.

Here is the real kicker by doing sacrifices we strengthen the bond between us and G-d.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel I need a Doctor

G-d heard my cries. I have been crying out for the mercy and kindness of G-d for many months now.  HaShem Yeshua spoke to me through my teacher Pastor Steve Gray  Sunday August 26th.

These words sent shock waves through me:” I know what you are thinking. Why do you entertain evil thoughts?”

Those evil thoughts used to be almost 24/7 now when these evil thoughts attack me I use the word of G-d to fight them. I cry out to HaShem to murder the evil inclination in me.  L–rd murder these wrong thoughts and ideas out of me. Let me think and act like you.

Then my teacher said these key words from the lips of HaShem Yeshua:” All of this was given to you by G-d All the things I G-d have done for you.” And then I knew what an ingrate I can be at times and then I saw the triangle of the three attributes of G-d that were given to Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov. Avraham was given the attribute of Chesed Kindness. Yitz’chak was given Gevurah severity and Ya’akov was given Tiferet compassion.

Then I saw HaShem take the human form of Yeshua to show us the complete compassion of HaShem to deliver us back to all of us to the House of Israel.

This all goes back to Ya’akov. This is the linage of Yeshua. The root of G-d taking the human form of Yeshua began with the son Ya’akov Y’hudah.

Then I saw where my root is. My root is Gevurah. Study, study, study, Contraction, contraction, contraction, fear of G-d, fear of G-d.  Then I heard the voice compassion- mercy.

These are the words that brought tears to my eyes when my teacher Pastor Steve Gray spoke them:” Let people see my faith not my panic.’

Then I saw where I fall short. G-d please I know I am a sick and I need your mercy and kindness. Then in turn let me do mercy and kindness to my family, friends and co-workers.  For Love is internal while kindness is the external action of my love.

For you see the Jew is the tax collector. This is one I identify with.  I am the one wouldn’t set foot in a Synagogue for many years until a man came into my life and made strong suggestion for me to go back to your roots. It was more like a kick in the butt.

I went for a while. It never took until Yeshua said I am the one you are crying for and looking for.  This simple action of faith brought me to my teacher Pastor Steve Gray. Thus, my teacher Pastor Steve Gray brought me full circle to now where I study the Torah and Tanya on a daily basis.

My teacher Steve Gray showed me how to be a G-dly Jew.

For in the end my teachers’ words sum it all up quite well:” The key to faith is when you know you are sick and you need a doctor.”

HaShem Yeshua spoke to me through my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

I need a doctor.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Cloak Yourself in G-d’s Protection

We can cloak ourselves with G-d’s protection when we study Torah.  By studying and doing G-d’s word we have the strength to defeat the flood of life’s worries and concerns that befalls one on a daily basis.

To paraphrase my teacher Pastor Steve Gray Yes I can have fear. This is only natural yet there is a line that cannot be crossed. When I start to act like I don’t have the G-d of my forefathers Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov. When I act like I am an orphan. When I act like there is no word of G-d. When to act like the rest of the world. This is the line me and my family will not cross.

G-d has protected me all my life.  Father Jack and Father George always told me you Azriel are the most blessed man I have ever known. This is true. I need to etch this in my mind when things go haywire.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel G-d is Looking for Faithfulness !

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray has entered into a new dimension with HaShem-Yeshua.  The teachings are more powerful than ever before.  G-d is using my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to get us ready for return of the Moshiach- the anointed one.

These teachings are rooted in Chassidic teaching. My teacher’s words Pastor Steve Gray mirror my daily Tanya lessons and Torah lessons.

These words knocked my socks off Sunday 10th of Elul 5778 August 19th, 2018.

“G-d is looking for faithfulness not success. I(G-d) need faithful people to run my kingdom.”

HaShem please root out of my all the evil inclination that is in me. Let me see who you really are and let me to do properly Teshuva, so I will cleanse my entire being in order to serve you HaShem Yeshua.

Then I heard the word Kingship followed by do my mitzvahs and do and study my word and important of all know that I HaShem came into this world in the human form of Yeshua to usher in real kingship on earth and I want you to eagerly await my return so we all can go back to the Garden of Eden to worship and praise the one true G-d of your forefathers Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov.

To paraphrase my teacher Pastor Steve Gray;” For those who have been faithful to me HaShem-Yeshua I(G-d) will be faithful to them.”

This is why I love, I respect and I trust my teacher Pastor Steve Gray. Everything my teacher Pastor Steve Gray speaks is straight from the word of G-d THE TORAH and the Good News.

L-rd let me be a real student and a real doer of the word.

“Gam zu l’tovah” This too is for the good.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel A Quiet Heart

See how beautifully mind and heart complement one another:

The heart is an extremist. Unbridled, it will allow a single emotion to fill its entire space. But the mind finds balance and harmony, even between opposites.

The mind is cold and aloof. To the mind, reality is but a curiosity. But the heart lives in that reality, moved by its every nuance.

The mind must fit everything in neat boxes. And so, it can never grasp truth. The heart, when still and quiet, can hear silence, know the unknowable and grasp the infinite.

When the heart listens to the vision of the mind, it too learns to carry a counterpoint of voices, even the voices of other hearts. When the mind listens to the depths of the heart, it can change the world.


The Sixties Radical- Azriel A Listening Heart

The human heart is beautiful.

The human heart can know secrets deeper than any mind could fathom.

The mind cannot contain G‑d,
but deep inside the heart there is a place for Him.

Yet there is nothing more dysfunctional than a brain controlled by its heart. At the heart’s command, even the finest mind is capable of the most horrid crimes.

Let the heart be quiet and hear out the mind. In that quiet listening, she will discover her true beauty; her deepest secrets will awaken.