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The Sixties Radical-Azriel

This story jumped out at me.

Read and see what the real truth is about what is going on with this country not fake made up daily soap opera news by the state run and control media.

This is taken from the Conservative Review written by Chris Pandolfo.

This story appears on the Mark Levin website. http://www.marklevinshow.com/

“Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin gave an interview on Fox News’ Fox and Friends Weekend Sunday morning in which he laid out the case against the Obama administration use of “police state tactics” against President Donald Trump. “The evidence is overwhelming,” Levin said. Using public records and mainstream media reporting, he showed how the Obama administration obtained a FISA court warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last year. The question is, to what extent did the Obama administration spy on Donald Trump’s campaign?

Levin took pains to reiterate that the evidence of spying by the Obama administration is not his own speculation. The mainstream media has presented the case in the course of a year of reports on the Obama administration. Levin just connected the dots.

Going forward, the Trump administration ought to pursue the release of the Obama administration’s FISA court warrants and the documents regarding the application for those warrants. A Congressional investigation into the extent of the spying on Trump’s campaign is necessary, and Congress should request copies of President Obama’s daily intelligence briefings for the duration of the surveillance on Donald Trump’s campaign.

As for President Trump? He should appoint a Deputy Attorney General to investigate from the executive branch.”


One quick note. Always remember the G-d of my father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov is in control. When G-d opens a  door no human power can shut it.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel


The crowds were cheering.

The America as we knew it was about to be led to the hangman’s gallows.

It sure looked like Evil would win.

The haters of America looked victorious.

The hangman prepared his noose around America’s neck.

The crowd went nuts.

They cheered on the hangman.

G-d’s people cried out.

We begged for mercy.

We begged for forgiveness.

We prayed.

We cried.

Both Jew and gentile alike called on HaShem to spare us from our so-called fate.

Then on election night November 8th I saw the hand of G-d come down.

Trump won.

G-d heard our prayers.

We were given a stay of execution.

G-d gave us time to get our house in order.

G-d’s house.

G-d’s hand of grace and love is all over this election.

This doesn’t mean we can revert back to our old ways.

This means we must get G-d’s house in order.

We are on borrowed time to get it right.

The line is drawn in the sand.

Fight or die.

I choose fight and live for G-d’s house.

G-d used Trump to shine the light on the evil that is in this country and the world.

The liars in the media, the elected officials of Democrat and some of the elected officials of the Republican and many parts of American Culture and institutions are now exposed to the light of day for who they are.

Agents of Satan

We know what is behind all of this.

The principalities of darkness.


The lairs cannot hide behind the cover of darkness.

The truth is exposed as truth. And the lairs are exposed for who they truly are.

Destruction of G-d’s house, Israel and the USA as we know it.

G-d is contracting himself so we can have freedom of choice.

One has to look very deep and hard to see G-d in all of this. Yet HaShem is in control of everything.

The word world comes from the Hebrew word concealment.

G-d’s word and HIS will be done with or without us

The Sixties Radical-Azriel

Prayer is ascent while Torah is decent. Torah is to draw down to man. We are known as the people of the book. Life service is to bring to the world Torah and G-d’s glory and wisdom. This is taken from one of the many teachings of Rabbi Gordon.


The Sixties Radical Azriel


Words have meaning. Words can kill. Words bring life. Words bring death. G-d created the world with ten utterances. The power of life and death reside in the tongue.

This lesson is brought home by the example of Esau and how he reacted to his father Issaac giving the blessing to his brother Jacob.

Esau hated Jacob for receiving Isaac’s blessings instead of him, and resolved to murder him as soon as Isaac would die. Prophetically sensing this, Rebecca convinced Isaac to send Jacob to Aram in order to find a wife. When Esau saw that his parents disapproved of Canaanite wives, he married one of the daughters of his uncle Ishmael.

Esau went to Ishmael and married Machalat, the daughter of Abraham’s son Ishmael. Genesis 28:9

Esau’s respect for his father was exemplary. He waited on his father dressed in special garments. When he decided to kill Jacob, he refrained from doing so despite his raging anger in order not to pain his father. As soon as he heard that his Canaanite wives displeased his parents, he lost no time in marrying his cousin.

Nevertheless, Esau’s reverence for his father did not prevent him from speaking to Isaac disrespectfully, saying, “My father, arise.” In contrast, his brother Jacob courteously asked Isaac to “Please arise.” Similarly, Esau later referred to his father’s death harshly, saying, “The days of mourning for my father will soon be here.”

We can learn from Esau’s coarse behavior that an essential facet of doing what is right is doing it in a kind and considerate way. For example, the words we speak should not only be meaningful and free of any prohibited types of talk (falsehood, gossip, slander, etc.); they should also be refined and delicate, as were Jacob’s.1 Sefer HaMa’amarim 5697, p. 232.


Heaven on Earth

We are to bring heaven to earth. This is done when we live for G-d not for ourselves. My teacher Pastor Steve Gray World Revival Church calls this dying to self. This is a must when I called to G-d to bring heaven down to earth.

This is not a choice. It is a commandment from G-d given to us at Mount Sinai.

G‑d called upon both heaven and earth to bear witness to the message He was about to deliver to the Jewish people.

                [G‑d said,] “Listen, O heaven . . . Hear, O earth.” Deuteronomy 32:1

G‑d addressed both heaven and earth in order to teach us that we are called upon to harmonize the two. The Torah originates in heaven and consists of G‑d’s vision for the perfection of the world. By spreading the knowledge of the Torah to ourselves and to others, we are bringing heaven down to earth. By reshaping both our own lives and the lives of others in accordance with the Torah’s teachings, we are bringing life on earth up to heaven. When we have made life into “heaven on earth” – reconciling the division between the two – heaven and earth testify how we have fulfilled our mission in life.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 9, pp. 213–214.


Living The Torah


Living the Torah Event Date: 10 Nissan 5740 – March 27, 1980

Torah is “Our life, and the length of our days.” It is not possible for something to be called ‘living’ if it’s alive only at certain times of the day, week or year. Life is constant at all times, and without pause.

Not a single part of a Jew’s day – whether in the realm of thought, speech, or action – is disconnected from Torah. In the words of the Sages: “All your deeds should be for the sake of Heaven.” All a person’s activities, without exception, must be infused with the vibrance of his or her relationship with G-d.

The Talmud compares a Jew without Torah to a fish out of water. A fish, however, can survive temporarily on dry land, whereas a Jew cannot thrive even one moment outside the realm of G-dliness. In the words of King David: “I have placed the Lord before me at all times” – literally, every single moment of one’s life.


G-d will always provide


G-d will always provide for the divine mission HE has for us to accomplish. Yes, fear and doubt creep in yet G-d is our father and HE will provide for all of our needs. HaShem is a good father.

Yeshua explained this to us. Don’t worry your Father will always provide for you.

Yeshua is the L-rd of my life.

Moses reminded the Jewish people that when they were at Mount Sinai, G‑d instructed him to share the responsibility of resolving their lawsuits with a system of judges. The people readily accepted this plan, but not for the right reasons: they hoped to be able to influence the rulings of judges of lesser moral caliber than Moses.

 [Moses told the Jewish people at Mount Sinai,] “How can I bear your trouble, your burden, and your strife all by myself?” Deuteronomy 1:12

The Rebbe explains: “We are all charged with the same mission as Moses: to educate and lead ourselves – as well as those over whom we have influence – in the ways of the Torah. If we wonder how we can bear such a heavy responsibility, we should recall that when Moses asked G‑d the same question, G‑d immediately provided him with a practical solution. Just as G‑d gave Moses the means to fulfill his mission, G‑d gives us the means and resources to fulfill our Divine mission, regardless of how difficult or overwhelming our responsibilities may appear to be.1 Sichot Kodesh 5741, vol. 4, pp. 325–326.