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The Sixties Radical- Round One In A Long Drawn Out War Against Evil

Good has won round one in the war waged by the evil forces that are consuming this country. Yes, that’s right Good. The evil forces led by Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, the state run media, the Left, and the brain dead drones are attempting to kill this country off.

Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin is the first battle of this war. This brave man took on the state and federal union thugs and the bused in head and leg breakers to win a convincing eight point victory over his Democrat socialist challenger to keep his governorship.

The Left doesn’t give a damn about the facts. Walker has been able to keep the state of Wisconsin in the black without losing jobs. Hells bells and odds Bodkins he even slashed the states unemployment rate to under seven percent. This is better than the made up federal unemployment rate of 8.2%. Real numbers tell us that the federal unemployment rate is closer to 19%.

The brain dead drones don’t want to here facts only their lies. This is all part of the war that is being waged to destroy the very foundation that this country is built upon.

The voters of Wisconsin have spoken and have told the state and federal union thugs and the Democrat Socialist Party to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

The good folks are waking up. We realize that when good compromises with evil, evil wins. This is a true fact. How does one compromise between food and poison? This is what we are asked to do by the evil Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, the state run media, the Left, and every other son of bitch running the state, federal, county and local unions. 

These people want us the taxpayer to pay their salaries, Cadillac healthcare plans, pensions, and retirement for life. Hell “We the People don’t even have a deal like this. We are told we are selfish because we want to keep the money we earn to pay for our houses, food, family needs, tithes to Churches and Synagogues, healthcare and our pensions and retirement plans.

The Left views this money as theirs to spend, as they want. They expect us to give our hard earned dollars to them so they can live high off the hog.

This is an in your face screw you buddy. The state tells us they own you ass so you better give us what we want or the state will make your life a living hell and throw you in jail for disobedience. This is all done in the guise of we know what’s best for you. We the state know better how to run your lives better than you do. So let us take all your freedoms away and we’ll take care of you from womb to tomb. The state is sovereign not the individual. Don’t you know that all rights and freedoms come from the state not from the God of the Bible.

This is what tyranny and dictatorial rule is all about. The state is your King not the God of the Bible.  You don’t have any rights except those doled out by the state.

The revolution is underway. We are taking back our country. This means all Americans who chose individual freedom, private property rights, freedom of choice, and those who believe in the Constitution. Look around “We the People” come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and nationalities of origin.

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Susan Jones wrote this story.

Here’s the pull quote.

“Despite the disappointing outcome of tonight’s election, there is no question that over the past year this recall effort sent a message to Scott Walker that his brand of divisive politics is offensive and wrong. Thousands of Wisconsinites mounted this effort in the face of a flood of out of state, secret and corporate special interest money– amounting to a massive $31 million war chest for Governor Walker to just $4 million on our side


What a crock of crap by Debbie “Blabber Mouth” Schultz.

The Sixties Radical on Tyranny of The Left and Obama

Our country is quickly changing into a totalitarian society. We are fast becoming a centralized government run by the evil Obama and the lap dog sycophants of the Left and The Democrat Socialist Party.

We are no longer a Constitutional Republic but a land run by lawyers and the court system.

Case in point. In California there was an election to define marriage as between a man and woman.

The leftists, the gay activists, the Democrat Socialist Party, Jerry Brown the then California Attorney General, and the California Liberals decided that the general election didn’t count. These do gooders decided that liberals know best and challenged the election results to get the results they wanted.

This was a screw you in your face reaction to what the California voters wanted.

The pro marriage definition between a man and woman won fair and square 52 to 49 percent.

You don’t know squat so the Libs took this baby to court.

They won in the seventh circus I mean seventh court of appeals.

This baby is well on the way to the California State Supreme Court.

It looks like the Libs and the Left can’t win at the ballot box so they will do every attempt to overthrown the rights and will of the people.

This is called Tyranny.

This was also tried in Wisconsin by a rogue judge who overturned a labour law  signed by the Governor Scott Walker.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that this judge had no right to interfere with the Legislative process.

What this judge did was make up a law to support their opinion.

This is now what is happening in this country.

Judges are now legislating from the bench.

Please show where in the Constitution judges can write and pass legislation from the bench.

The Sixties Radical on Democrats and Union Thugs

How does the Libs, the state run media, and all the rest live with themselves.  How many times will the media run a headline like this- Wisconsin Strips Public Workers Rights in Blow to Unions (taken from Fox News)

This is pure BS.

I keep on harping on this one simple fact- What part of “BROKE” don’t the state run media, state union thugs, The Prez, the Dems, the Republicans, and the rest understand.

This is insanity.

It is we the taxpayers that are left holding the bag.

Who is representing us the taxpayer?

It sure isn’t the union thugs or the mayors or the governors or State or U.S. Senators or Congress.

This is the state negotiating with itself.

In the private sector it is the worker  negotiating with management.

This is pure socialism at work.

Or better yet Marxism, Fascism.

This is a blatant attempt to turn this country depend upon the government and give control of our lives over to the state and federal governments.

It is all about Mob Rule.

The Democrats equal Mob Rule.

Your union thugs, Dem thugs, socialist thugs, and Marxist thugs at work in an attempt to bully us “We The People” into accepting their collective wants and needs.

It is screw you baby.

Our way or we will destroy you.

These people are evil.

Here is a little diddy from  The Heritage Foundation on Wisconsin-  taken from The Morning Bell. Please read this very carefully.

Senate Democrats, who are still hiding in Illinois, are now claiming that the majority’s committee meeting that broke up the budget-repair bill violated Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law. But the Open Meeting Compliance Guide clearly states that when there is “good cause,” only two hours’ notice is required. The Senate majority did provide the two hours’ notice. If the Senate Democrats’ 19-day refusal to show up for work wasn’t “good cause” enough, certainly minimizing the opportunity for union mob violence is.

The passion coming from liberal activists is understandable only if one believes in their apocalyptic rhetoric. Democratic Senator Timothy Cullen said the bill will “destroy public unions.” And Senator Chris Larson has said, “collective bargaining is a civil right” that if removed will “kill the middle class.” This is all false. First of all, since unions care more about seniority than good government, public-sector unions kill middle-class jobs; they do not protect them. Second, collective bargaining is not a right. And finally, Walker’s bill will in no way “destroy public unions.” Government unions are still perfectly free to practice their First Amendment rights to freedom of association, and in fact still retain more bargaining power than all unionized federal employees. They only difference is that now they will have to actively recruit members instead of forcing government employees to join them, and they will have to collect their own dues instead of getting the state government to take them directly out of workers’ paychecks. And there are many more benefits as well.

In the end it is “WE THE TAXPAYER who gets stuck footing the bell. We are the ones who are getting screwed.

We have no one negotiating for us.

This is a sad but true fact.

It is no longer government for the people and by the people but government shall dictate to the people.

The Sixties Radical on Scott Walker

Finally Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his GOP counter parts showed a set of balls and passed a bill that will save the State of Wisconsin from the poor house.

Fox News reported that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker blinked. It was reported he was willing to compromise on union demands.

I have a sense the hard working private sector folks like me were mad as hell and let their thoughts be known to the governor and their state representatives.

There must have been an up rising by the taxpayers.

In heat of the argument the money measures were stripped out of the bill.

Way to go garoto.

This has paved the way to make the state of Wisconsin solvent again.

The usual suspects are howling mad that the GOP did an end run around them. In the end this will save the state of Wisconsin and save state workers their jobs.

What part of “BROKE” don’t these people get.

The chicken shit Dems ran from the state financed by their union buddies in an attempt to force on us the taxpayers carrying the bill for their healthcare and everything else from womb to tomb.

The dirty little secret is this the state union representing government workers get money automatically taken out of all of all state workers checks and deposited into the union coffers.

When this practice stops the state unions will lose their golden goose the government trough.

This is the real story.

Finally Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his GOP buds do the right thing.

They stood up to the union thugs hired by the Dems to force us the taxpayer to pay for their slush funds.

This is the real fact.

Guess what guys we are on to you and your games.

One final parting shot, what is real with the Dems?

They hire thugs to come in from all across the United States to protest in Wisconsin and others states.

Mob rule.

This will be coming to your state and town next America.

Beware Mob rule is what the Dems are all about.

When the going gets tough the Dems spilt and hire a Mob to do their bidding.

One more thought-stop paying the Democrat Senators and strip them of their credit cards.  Fire their asses now!

The Sixties Radical and Monday

The Left doesn’t get it. They never will. The Prez, the Left, and the state run media use this same mantra over and over again Tax Cuts are to blame for the problems we are in yet when tax cuts are all said and done why is it that tax cuts cause the state as well as federal coffers to grow by leaps and bounds.

Please explain this to me for I don’t get it.

Spending is out of control yet the Dems never look at this.

The federal government can’t do without.

The left view all money as theirs.

Please tell how does government make money.

One simple word Taxes.

That’s it.

Wisconsin is latest in a long line of states that are in the shits do to not having money.

New Jersey was one.

California is another.

New Mexico can be added to the list.

Scott Walker will be now forced to can twelve thousand state workers.

Good move Dems.

Good move unions.

You did this with the steel companies, the car companies, and now the states.

The straw dog is that all police and firefighters will not work.


What state unions do is that pit tax playing citizens against citizens.

This cycle is never ending.

Maybe it’s time we take the bull by horns and make deep cuts in spending.

The other straw dog argument is that government will be shut down.

Not in this lifetime.

The Prez still works.

DMV still works.

Federal courts still work.

What part of government doesn’t work?

This is kinda rambling today.

 I haven’t even touched on the Prez and his two faced arguments about how he wants Qaddafi outta Libyan yet Obama said nada about the protests in Iran.

What gives here?

Obama to Egypt Pres Mubarak get out.

Israel get out and don’t defend yourself but it is okay for Iran Prez to stay in power.

This doesn’t make any sense.

This is it for Monday.