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Remember The Source- G-d


When Yeshua said to his Talmidim “take eat this bread for this is my body and then drink this wine for this is my blood” began the dawn of new age in Judaism first and then for the rest of world. For by doing this Yeshua was preparing us for HIS victory, our deliverance and redemption.

G-d was preparing us for HIS use only through the Jewish Messiah. First our redemption then the rest of the world would be redeemed.

Remember the old Jewish saying you are what you eat. This leads me to this one simple statement by the Rebbe.

Numbers 15:39 “[G‑d instructed Moses to tell the people,] “When you see [the tassels], you will remember all the commandments of G‑d, in order to perform them.”


The Rebbe writes for Shabbat Remember the Source : “Granted that we need the tassels to remind us of the 613 commandments, but why do we need the garment to which the tassels are attached? Why not just carry the tassels themselves?

The answer lies in the significance of garments. The difference between clothing and food – our two main necessities – is that food becomes a part of us when we eat it, while clothing always remains outside of us. Food therefore alludes to the aspects of the Torah that we can comprehend and “digest,” while clothing alludes to that which remains beyond our gasp.”


Think about this when Yeshua instructed HIS Talmidim to eat the broken Matzah and the drink the wine they were putting inside themselves a piece of the Jewish Messiah who was sent by G-d to save us.

This means we now have the real meaning of Pesach inside of us total deliverance and redemption so we can become the light unto the nations.

Many Lessons learned from Studying the Torah


By studying the Torah I have been learnings things I have never known before. Rabbi Kaplan explained meaning of Kosher is not blessed. Kosher means it is appropriate. It is suitable. This means the food is prepared properly. It is ready to receive ritual impurity to wash away of all the uncleanliness with water to make it pure before the eyes of G-d.

Doctor Michael Chighel explained that during the Roman Destruction of the second Temple in 70 AD the leading sage at the time Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai made a deal with the Roman General Vespasian to spare the City of Yavne and its sages. Vespasian agreed. Yavne was the Jewish learning center of the time.

Pirke Avot 2:8 “He used to say,” If you’re learned much Torah, don’t take credit for yourself. It’s for this that you were made.”


Rabbi Ben Zakkai realized through Ruach HaKodesh that Jewish political, cultural, and religious existence came to an end for a time. G-d showed Rabbi Zakkai the only way Judaism could survive is as a reading culture or as Doctor Chighel says “We are a giant book club”

This is where my great love of reading texts and studying them. This is ingrained in the very fiber of my being

Doctor Chighel explains Judaism is distilled to one common element it is a passionate love for Torah learning.

Yeshua told us this would happen forty years before the actual event took place on the 9th of Av 70 AD.

The Rebbe


A dose daily wisdom from The Rebbe.

“The greatest gift of love is to turn a blind eye.

The most essential glue of any union is the ability of at least one of you to say, “I understand. It’s okay.

Let’s just get on with things.”

After all, that is what we continuously say to our own selves, out of our self-love. And it is what we would like the One Above to say to us. “


Daily Wisdom


Here is another dose of the Daily wisdom from the Torah.

When the telephone was first introduced, a wise man was asked, “What can we learn from this contraption?”

He answered, “That which is spoken here is heard there.”

So they asked, “And from the telegraph?”

He replied, “Every word costs.”

“And from the locomotive?”

“Hesitate for a moment and you could lose the whole journey.”


Daily Does of G-d’s Wisdom


Words to think about on this day.

Taken from Daily dose of wisdom

“The Holy Ari, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, taught that each created being, no matter how lowly, is sustained by a divine spark within it. The spark yearns to be reconnected to its source, and that can only be through a human being who will use it for a heavenly purpose.

It is not the sparks that resist, neither is it the world that is enlivened by those sparks. It is only the ego of the one who says, “I will do this mitzvah. I will redeem the Divine.”

“How can you redeem us,” the sparks respond, “if you, too, are imprisoned within the ‘I’?”

And so, the solution to all resistance: Be a quiet hero, one who leaves that ego behind.”


Words have the power of life and death


Power of life and death is in the tongue. Either we speak life or death. I speak life. I speak abundance, blessing, and healing.

G-d created the entire universe with ten utterances.

“He, who in his goodness, renews every day, continuously, the work of creation . . .”

“Forgive us, our Father, for we have sinned . . . Blessed are You, G-d, who is gracious and who forgives abundantly.” (Taken from our daily prayers)

One has to be careful of who we listen too. The Daily Wisdom of the Torah tells us this “The overwhelming majority of the Jewish people accepted the other spies’ conclusions, threatening to kill Caleb and Joshua for differing. Since the people demonstrated that they lacked the faith in G‑d necessary to enable them to conquer and live in the Land of Israel, G‑d informed Moses that this generation would have to die in the desert. Only the next generation would enter the Promised Land.”

The Rebbe sums it up this way- “The generation of the Exodus did not work hard enough to learn from the Divine miracles they witnessed. They therefore remained subject to their “slave mentality,” the assumption that reality is enslaved to the laws of nature, and that G‑d is unwilling or incapable of overriding them whenever He chooses. The spies and their followers therefore forfeited the privilege of entering the Promised Land, for in order to remain true to our Divine mission while leading material lives, we need to believe that this is indeed possible.

“We, too, should take care to recognize the implications of all the Divine miracles we have witnessed, both throughout Jewish history and in our own personal lives. Only then will we be capable of fulfilling our Divine mission of making the world into G‑d’s home. In this merit, we will experience our miraculous return to the Promised Land, led by the Messiah in the final Redemption.1


Once again this proves to us we can talk ourselves out of our calling and miracles from G-d.

Yeshua The Jewish Messiah


G-d is crying out for us to return back to HIM. The G-d of father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov is giving us warning after warning that HIS judgement is rapidly approaching.

The funny thing about G-d’s judgement and correction is that we want it against those that are attacking us. Yes G-d will do this yet the real truth is we want G-d to take care of those who are trying to destroy us so HaShem will leave us alone so we don’t have to change.

Not so fast Bucko. Instead G-d sends us a messenger so we will change our heart, our mind, our body and our soul. This is not done out of anger. It is done out of jealousy. For us Jews are set aside for HIS Holy Purpose.

G-d wants HIS people we Jews to get back to what we are supposed to do to love our G-d with our entire, heart, mind, body and soul.

The second part of this is we are directed get rid of all the idols of our father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov. This idol worships starts with Avram’s father Terach.


HaShem wants us to only worship HIM. For HE is our G-d. The G-d who brought us out of Egypt. Delivered us from the Land of Pharaoh so we could have the Land of milk and honey- The Promised Land.

We must make a choice either follow G-d’s mitzvahs or follow the G-d’s of the world. This is not an either or proposition. We cannot chose both. We chose either G-d’s or not.

This is not two choices but one simple choice- love your G-d and get rid of your idols.

This is the lesson I learned from Pastor Steve at World Revival Church.