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Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah


We are in at war folks. This is a spiritual war. We must set aside all of our unbelief and speak G-d’s very words at our enemy. Pastor Kathy said these very words last night at our davening (corporate prayer) Wednesday night at World Revival Church.

Pastor Kathy is filled with the Rauch HaKodesh. G-d  is speaking through her. Allah is not G-d. He is a false G-d. The one true living G-d. The G-d of my father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov is our protector, avenger and will defeat our enemies. No one can stand against HaShem Eloheinu Hashem Echad.

The G-d of my father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov has defeated all false G-d’s.

G-d is not on trial. G-d created the world with ten utterances. He is the true necessary existence. Without HaShem we revert back to our original state nothing. The one true living G-d breathes the breath of life into all HIS creation.


With Davening we are creating a bond between us and our creator. We forget about ourselves and solely focus on the one true living G-d.

By declaring G-d’s word we bring to life the very power and presence of the one true living G-d.

It is time to stand up and fight. Prayer is our only weapon. Prayer and trust will move the mountains, change the destiny of a nation and bring about total victory.

The proof is written in the Torah. These are the first five books of the Torah Bereshit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim. These is where G-d gave us HIS soul. The revelation of G-d’s truth. Our instruction manual on how to live and serve the one true living G-d.


G-d brought us out of Egypt. HE set us free. HaShem revealed who is to us. HaShem defeated our enemies. HE gave us redemption. HaShem gave us our land back. HE never abandoned us. He was there with us from the very beginning of time.

Avram is the father of the Jewish people. He challenged his father Terach the idol maker. Avram destroyed Terach’s idols. Avram, before HaShem spoke to him and revealed HIS truth, came to the conclusion there is only one creator.

It is time for G-d’s house to get in order. What I mean by G-d’s house Jews and Gentiles become one. This is what G-d wanted to happen from the beginning. One can’t fight when one of the limbs are missing. G-d gave us Jews a mission at Mount Sinai to be the light to nations of the world. We were supposed to show G-d’s true nature by our heart, our mind, our body and our souls and most important of all our actions. The gentiles mission is elevated the world to G-dliness. When both of our missions are completed then G-d will have HIS dwelling place.


Many forget one of the key tenants of Judaism is the coming of the Jewish Messiah. Yeshua is the living, breathing, heart, soul and word of HaShem the real and true Jewish Messiah.

Our sages and Rabbi’s know this to be true. One cannot deny the truth. Neither can the Christian community deny the truth that without us Jews Christianity could not exist.

G-d is a Jewish author. Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah and out of that came to good news to the Gentiles and their ultimate redemption as well as us Jews

G-‘d’s plan all along is redemption.


The Jewish Messiah Yeshua


G-d’s word explodes in my head. The lessons learned over the past months have completely rocked and shaken my world. Revelation of G-d’s word is amazing. G-d revealed His soul and heart to us with the Torah- Bereshit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim. This is the instruction manual G-d gave us at Mount Sinai.

The final book of the Torah is a little bit different in this respect G-d wrote the first four books. Yes Martha G-d is a Jewish Author. Moshe was the stenographer. This was so cool to get the word of G-d first hand. Imagine G-d dictating word for word for you to write down. This blows my mind.

Moshe wrote the final book of Torah Devarim in his words. Yes these are G-d’s words however this is where Moshe made them his own. However here is the real kicker Moshe recorded our history beginning in captivity in Egypt, G-d leading us out Egypt, to Mount Sinai and finally Moshe writing his own death.

How often does one write his own death while being alive?

Here is the neat part Devarim is what our Mishneh Torah is based on. These are the 613 mitzvah that G-d gave us.

I never knew this.

Yet we must remember everything that happens to us points to the way for Yeshua to come earth and bring us the good news.

I am a follower of Yeshua. HE is the Jewish Messiah. Yeshua is my King and Saviour. I see a day when both Jew and Gentile will worship together at Mount Tziyon celebrating G-d having his dwelling place on earth.

The Jewish Messiah- Azriel The Help of G-d



Studying the Torah and the Tanakh teaches one something new every day. This is a direct result of opening one’s self up to the stewardship and discipleship of Pastor Steve Gray at World Revival Church Kansas City. Rabbi Michael Chighel taught me G-d dictated the first four books of the Torah- Genesis Bereishit, Exodus Shemot, Leviticus Vayikra, and Numbers Bamidbar to Moshe. He was G-d’s personal stenographer. This must have been really a neat thing to do.

Devarim Deuteronomy is written in Moshe’s own words. This is called the second giving of the law. Moshe goes through the entire story beginning with Egypt all the way to Moshe’s own death.

G-d used Moshe as a medium to give the much needed word of G-d contact with us and thus this is where Heaven comes down to earth. The message is G-d’s however G-d used Moshe as vehicle to contact us.


Thus G-d is a Jewish author.

The fifth book of the Torah Devarim is what the  Mishneh Torah is based on. These are the 613 Mitzvahs. I never knew this. This is what happens when one learns to become teachable. Thank you Pastor Steve.

Azriel The Help of G-d

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This is one of the great lessons that I have learned from Pastor Steve at World Revival Church in Kansas City

The western world looks at human achievement as one who can jump higher, run faster, and one who is stronger than others in society. This is the definition of a perfect specimen of humanity in the western world. This however is not a correct view from the perspective of the Torah and the Tanakh. From G-d’s perspective a perfect specimen of humanity is one who has inner strength and conviction. One who can control his emotions, thoughts and desires not one who is out of control with big muscles like the animal. G-d wants us exercise control over our emotions, thoughts and desires by aligning our heart, our mind, our body and our soul with G-d’s direction which is given to us in the Torah and the Tanakh.

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It is all about pleasing G-d not about pleasing our physical bodies. This is achieved when we put G-d first. The only way this can happen is when we study the Torah, the Tanakh- G-d’s word. Only when we make it our own and dedicate our lives to serving G-d can we become a perfect specimen of humanity in the eyes of HaShem.

Pastor Steve calls this dying to self.

It is not about me it is all about G-d and Yeshua. Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah.

Hand on dark background holding with care brain glowing symbol
Hand on dark background holding with care brain glowing symbol