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The Sixties Radical on Memorial Day.

It’s Memorial Day on Monday. This is the time we honour the folks who died fighting for this great country of ours. These brave men and women gave up their lives so we can live free.

The evil Obama will probably give a speech at Arlington National Cemetery.

The evil one hates the Military.

He hates this country.

I know the Left’s taking points. I am racist because how dare I question the evil ones motives and words.

He is the new God.

The Messiah.

If it weren’t for the brave men and women who put it all on the line to fight for this nation we would still be under King George’s rule.

Guess what you fools no Obama as King, I mean Prez.

The Left, the Dems, The chicken shit Republican Leadership, and the lap dog media, tell us we are worse off because we don’t have a ruling class to tell us “We The People” how to life and how high we are supposed to jump when they tell us.

The truth is our Founding Fathers knew all power comes from our creator The Lord God almighty, Jehovah, The God of The Bible, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

The nut job leftists tell me you’re not a Christian.

I am not.

I am Jew who believes in Jesus.

Use your head for something besides a hat rack.

Look folks we are at the crossroads.

The 2012 election will decide which direction this country heads.

Either we continue down the path of a Constitutional Republic or we drive down the road of a Socialist, Communist Nation.

The choice is ours.

Either our God is the God of The Bible or it is the God of the government and man.

If you want to see how great this country is just look at how the brave folks of Joplin, Missouri have handled the devastation of the tornado that tore through their community.

Compare that we how the folks in New Orleans handled their natural disaster.

Please read this article written by the Heritage Foundation-

Saving the American Dream by Cutting Debt, Taxes and Spending

It might not be front-page news in the mainstream media, but according to a new poll, a large majority of Americans are alarmed at the prospect of U.S. debt continuing to grow past its already astronomical $14.3 trillion limit. They’re right to be worried, as America’s out-of-control spending takes the country down a road to decline. America is on an unsustainable fiscal path, and that’s why The Heritage Foundation has released a plan to tackle the problem: “Saving the American Dream: Heritage’s Plan to Fix the Debt, Cut Spending, and Restore Prosperity.

Heritage released its plan as part of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2011 Fiscal Summit, in which six research organizations from across the political spectrum provided long-term fiscal plans to solve America’s spending crisis. Of all the plans, Heritage’s proposal reduces the national debt held by the public the most and keeps federal spending and taxes at the lowest levels.

Heritage today also launched a new website, www.savingthedream.org, to highlight how its fiscal plan would reshape the federal government to better serve young adults, seniors, families, entrepreneurs and low-income workers. Read the full “Saving the American Dream” report here.

Stuart Butler, a co-editor of Heritage’s plan and director of Heritage’s Center for Policy Innovation, explains the key behind “Saving the American Dream”:

The Heritage plan quickly brings the federal budget in balance, keeps it permanently balanced, and starts paying down the debt—all without increasing taxes. Instead, we solve our spending and debt crises by immediately getting entitlements under control, reshaping the role of government, and creating a simple, growth-oriented tax system with greater savings incentives for all Americans.

We also preserve and strengthen our nation’s safety-net programs without imposing massive tax hikes on future generations to do so, which would rob them of the American Dream.

Heritage’s plan stands apart from those of the other five organizations by achieving the lowest debt level by 2035: 30 percent of Gross Domestic Product, which is less than half of the current debt-to-GDP ratio. Getting debt under control is vital. Without fiscal reform, the national debt is projected to reach 91.5 percent of GDP by 2035, according to the baseline adopted by the Peterson Foundation.

The Heritage plan also lowers federal spending—the real cause of the nation’s fiscal woes—to 17.7 percent of GDP, falling from expected spending of 28.3 percent by 2035. And it rejects tax increases as a solution to the nation’s spending problem, keeping federal tax levels at 18.5 percent of GDP—the lowest among the plans.

By comparison, all the other plans reduced the federal debt and reduced spending, but none went as far as Heritage’s plan—and none of them did it without relying on tax increases or at the cost of our national defense. Notably, the Center for American Progress, a liberal organization, did not offer any specifics on how they achieved debt and spending reductions.

Heritage recognizes that America is on the verge of becoming a country in decline. Mounting debt, strangling regulations and an expanding federal bureaucracy are leading to economic stagnation, all on the backs of future generations. But there is time to save the American dream and alter the course of our future. By getting spending under control, balancing the budget and shrinking debt, Heritage’s “Saving the American Dream” plan offers real solutions to get America back on a fiscally sustainable path.

The Sixties Radical on National Security

It’s another Monday morning coming down. It’s the same old BS all over again. This seems to never change. The Prez is hell bent on destroying our Military and intelligence gathering system.

Oops, I am sorry we have another leak. This is time one of top dogs in Pakistan has been ratted out.

This is an endless parade of our friends being hung out to dry by the evil Prez and minions.

Fox news ran this story. The headline goes like this- Did An Angry Pakistan Out Top US Spy.

This is pure BS.

The state run lame stream media is running with the story that Pakistan did it.

I am willing to bet dollars to holes in a donut that the Prez gave orders to rat this guy out.

The evil Prez, his minions, lap dog media, the Left, and the Dems are shifting the blame from us to Pakistan.

If it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, guess what? It’s a duck.

For the first time in our history we have a President who hates this country.

This is a hard pill to swallow.

This is true.

Just look at the facts.

Please read this by The Heritage Foundation-

Top Six Reasons We Got Osama bin Laden

Taking down Osama bin Laden was an achievement resulting from a culmination of a decade of national security policy. Soft power and diplomacy helped along the way, but it was hard power and military might that made it possible. President George W. Bush put the correct policies in place, including the PATRIOT Act, Gitmo and increased intelligence gathering. President Barack Obama was wise to continue executing many of the same strategies. Here are the main reasons we were able to take him out.

#1. We Invaded Afghanistan. Anyone who is a hunter knows you have to flush game out before you bag it. It often works the same way with terrorists. The Taliban refused to give up bin Laden because the two groups were joined at the hip and saw Afghanistan as just the first step in building bin Laden’s worldwide terrorist empire—pushing him out was job #1.

#2. We Set Up Gitmo. When the full story of the long war against terrorism is told, we will learn that detaining and interrogating enemy combatants was a critical tool in winning the war. Indeed, we have found that when we released Gitmo detainees, many of them went back to the battlefield. There are already reports that detainees through lawful interrogations provided key intelligence cues that helped tracked down bin Laden. CIA Director Leon Panetta told NBC News yesterday that “enhanced interrogation techniques” were used to extract information that led to the mission’s success.

#3. We Increased Intelligence Gathering. We had a number of intelligence operations running inside of Pakistan with the help of the government. We used the data collected there, in Afghanistan, at Gitmo and at other facilities around the globe to diligently and patiently connect the dots. This high quality analysis is not possible without modern technology and military equipment and dedicated personnel.

#4. We Didn’t Quit Afghanistan. Afghanistan provided a base to keep bin Laden at bay. Drone strikes limited the enemy’s freedom of movement. The base in Afghanistan helped collect intelligence about the enemy and in the end served as the base to launch SEAL Team Six to take the enemy out. Our mission in Afghanistan now remains to help build a nation that can govern and protect itself, so that it can act as a seawall to keep the Taliban and their al-Qaeda sponsors from going back and forth across the border. This is a job worth doing and one that can be done. In fact, recent polls show that in the wake of taking out bin Laden, there has been an upswing of Americans who are now convinced that the war in Afghanistan can be won. They are right.

#5. We Protected the Homeland. At least 38 terrorist plots have been foiled since 9/11. Our ability to protect the homeland while we hunted bin Laden was an important part of keeping him cornered until he could be hunted down.

#6. We Provided for the Common Defense. Protecting America can’t be done with special operations alone or just by lobbing drones and cruise missiles at the enemy. (That was the Clinton strategy, which failed.)  SEAL Team Six may have gotten bin Laden, but it was because conventional forces chased him out of Afghanistan, we rounded up prisoners and sent them to Gitmo to be interrogated, and we established a presence in Afghanistan to hold bin Laden at bay and then launch operations against him. A strong military and special operations strategy go hand in hand. The troops who have been fighting this battle since 2001 are brave warriors who deserve the best equipment and tools to get the job done.

President Obama should be praised for his command this weekend, as should the military and civilian leaders of the past decade who gave him the necessary security apparatus to make this an easy decision. Obama should not use this one victory to reverse course, deplete our military readiness, abandon the war in Afghanistan and weaken our national security. We should remain vigilant in the ongoing war against terrorism.

The Sixties Radical on USA and Libya

What in the hell are we doing being involved in Libya?  This doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t pass the smell or see test. Finally a few people are asking the questions I have been asking since the beginning of the year about the unrest and the open rebellion in the Middle East.

Only Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have raised questions about the fighters in Libya. Are they part of Al Qaeda? Do they have ties to Iran? Is this part of the bigger picture in Iran’s, Al Qaeda, and The Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt, Libya, and Yemen and turn them back into Shariah Law?

This is all part of the Islamic Caliphate?

Now The Heritage Foundation has raised similar questions. Please read the following synopsis from the Heritage Foundation

Five Questions Obama Has Not Answered on Libya

Yesterday the United Nations Security Council voted 10–0, with five abstentions, to authorize military action in Libya. Specifically, the resolution “authorizes member states … to take all necessary measures … to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack.” Celebrations erupted across Benghazi after news of the vote reached rebels. A 17-year-old rebel told The Wall Street Journal: “I give Qadhafi a maximum of two days.” If only.

In reality the U.N. resolution is nothing more than a “feel-good” palliative measure that is not likely to decisively affect the fighting on the ground in Libya. As Secretary of Defense Robert Gates testified last week: “Let’s just call a spade a spade. A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy the air defenses. That’s the way you do a no-fly zone. And then you can fly planes around the country and not worry about our guys being shot down. But that’s the way it starts.” But is that what the Obama Administration is planning? Even if the Administration has a plan on Libya, it certainly has not communicated it to the American people. Here are just some of the fundamental questions the Administration has failed to answer as our military stands on the brink of a new and costly commitment:

  • So far, the only firm commitments are a naval blockade, AWACS for air traffic control, and signal-jamming aircraft. U.S. officials said that it would probably take several days for a full operation to be undertaken and that President Obama had not yet approved the use of U.S. military assets. Will he? Will the U.S. be using military force against Libya?
  • If establishing a no-fly zone in Libya is so vital to U.S. national security, why did the Administration waste a week getting approval from the U.N.?
  • Imposing a no-fly zone entails substantial costs for U.S. armed forces and risks diverting scarce U.S. military and intelligence assets. Will the vital missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and the Horn of Africa suffer?
  • Are the rebels free of terrorist elements, and what precautions will we require them to take to ensure that weapons we supply are not sold or diverted to other groups?
  • Will we rule out supplying arms (“Stinger” anti-aircraft missiles, for example) that could pose a potent threat to U.S. forces if they end up in the hands of terrorists?

Until these questions are answered, it is impossible to endorse proposals for the use of force based solely on a U.N. resolution. Circumstances could change. The use of military force in Libya could be justified. But what is of great concern here is the fog of confusion the Obama Administration is emitting on Libya. After the U.N. resolution passed, France said that military strikes could come “within hours.” They haven’t. What did come was the heavy bombardment of the rebel held town of Mistrata by loyalist forces. President Obama should be working hard to identify a legitimate opposition to Qaddafi that is not Islamist and can be given U.S. and European support with conditions that protect against the transfer of weapons to terrorists.

Here is a quick thumbnail sketch of Islamic Caliphate- this is taken from Wikipedia.  The term caliphate “dominion of a caliph (‘successor,’),” (from the Arabic خلافة or khilāfa, Turkish: Halife ) refers to the first system of government established in Islam, and represented the political unity of the Muslim Ummah (nation). In theory, it is a constitutional republic[1] (see Constitution of Medina), which means that the head of state, the Caliph, and other officials are representatives of the people and must govern according to an existing constitutional law that limits the government’s power over citizens.

It was initially led by Muhammad‘s disciples as a continuation of the political system the prophet established, known as the ‘rashidun caliphates’. It represented the political unity, not the theological unity of Muslims as theology was a personal matter. A “caliphate” is also a state which implements such a governmental system.

Sunni Islam dictates that the head of state, the caliph, should be selected by Shuraelected by Muslims or their representatives.[2] Followers of Shia Islam believe the caliph should be an imam descended in a line from the Ahl al-Bayt. After the Rashidun period until 1924, caliphates, sometimes two at a single time, real and illusory, were ruled by dynasties. The first dynasty was the Umayyad. This was followed by the Abbasid, the Fatimid, and finally the Ottoman Dynasty.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believe that the Ahmadiyya Caliphate etablished after the passing of the community’s founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, is the re-establishment of the Rashdin Caliphate, as prophesized by Muhammad.[3] The current successor to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is Khalifatul Masih V, Mirza Masroor Ahmad residing in London, England.[4]

This little voice inside of me keeps stating the upheaval in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen are all part of well planned and orchestrated take over of these countries to bring them back into the fold.

If you doubt me read the Bible.

In particular read Ezekiel 38 and 39, Daniel, and Genesis.