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The Sixties Radical The Statists and The Media are Lairs

Once again the ruling class doesn’t have a clue on what how the real world operates.

John Boehner is another in long line of jackass politicians who are raping the American people with the stupid fiscal ideas.

In the real world a cut in spending means exactly what one does.

It is cut out of the budget.

Not in the political word.

In the world of Washington DC this means you spend like hell until the truth catches up with ya.

Obama will spend 9.7 trillion dollars.

Then the idiot ruling class will tell ya that okay now we’ll cut 1.7 trillion dollars over the next ten years.

And this is called spending cuts.

Do the math.

Some how this is called a saving.

In the real world these clowns haven’t done crap to fix the problem.

Instead of cutting spending the elite ruling class are giving Obama a blank check for 9.7 trillion dollars.

This is call insanity.

Insanity means doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

If a CEO submitted a budget like this he would be put in jail.




Speaker of the House John Boehner, Harry Reid, the evil Obama and the rest think, “We the American People are stupid.”

We are tired of this shit.

Cut spending means cut spending.

Not fake cuts or Washingtonian gimmicks to make it look like there are cuts being made when in reality the spending and taxes will go through the roof.

November 2012 John Beohner and his ilk will get the full wrath of the American people.

These are Boehner’s exact words on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Well, this agreement was worked out between myself and the bipartisan leadership in the Senate, and it’s a two-step process. It cuts $1.2 trillion from the discretionary portion of the budget over the next ten years and puts spending caps in place that will make sure that that savings actually does, in fact, occur.
It mounts up over time, but in the first year, you know, we’re already spending $38-1/2 less than what we spent last year in that portion of the budget. This will cut another $26 billion out of real outlays going out and about $7 billion in what we call budget authority. Secondly, though, it sets up a joint select committee of the members of Congress: Six members from the House — three Democrats, three Republicans — and six members of the Senate. And they’re charged with finding an additional $1.8 trillion worth of deficit reduction over the balance of this year. And they all meet. Any proposal that gets seven votes out of that group would go into a package where there’s an automatic up-or-down vote in the House and Senate

There really are Democrats who want to cut spending, and I’m confident that our members can go in there and make the case for why America needs to act because the greatest risk to our country is not missing August the 2nd. The greatest risk is that we do not make the cuts necessary to put our financial house in order.
Well, listen, now we’re getting into budget talk. It’s $7 billion in budget authority below the current year. It’s $26 billion below in actual outlays that go out the door — and again, remember, we made big cuts from last year into this year. We’re gonna make more cuts going into next year. When have you ever seen a Congress in that one-third of the budget actually spend less from one year to the next? And we’re gonna do it two years in row, and frankly we might even get to three years in a row.
First, if this bill were to pass, the President could ask for an increase in the debt limit up to 95% of the cuts. Remember one of the principles here: We are not gonna increase the debt limit by anything more than what we’re willing to cut spending. I’ve said the cuts have to exceed it, he’d have to ask for it.
Trillion dollars roughly and will take them probably into February, maybe March

We waited too long to deal with the problem — and when we got 10,000 Baby Boomers like us retiring every day, more money for Social Security, more money for Medicare, it’s just a fact. But I believe that the joint select committee can in fact produce real cuts in spending. But there’s a third part of this, Rush, and that is that it requires the House and Senate to have a vote on a balanced budget amendment after October 1st and before the joint committee would report — and the idea here is twofold. One is to get all of our friends on the same page as to which balanced budget amendment, and secondly, to allow the American people our members and others to put pressure on these liberal members of Congress to step up and to vote for a balanced budget amendment — and, frankly, we need time to build that support because today, I’m not sure it’s there.
That’s the point the President’s making. That’s why he wants a $2.4 trillion blank check today that lets him continue his spending spree. If, in fact, the joint committee does not report the Congress is going to have to act, and we could be right where we are today. But it’s the only way to force the Congress to make the cuts necessary to get our fiscal house in order. Now, I’ll be the first one to tell you, this plan isn’t perfect. Again, it was an agreement between both houses of the Congress.
Well, some people are concerned that the joint committee, “My God, they might raise taxes.” Well, I’m gonna tell you what: It’s gonna be pretty hard for the joint committee to do that. I don’t believe that the Republicans on this committee that get appointed are gonna vote to increase taxes — and if they did, I don’t believe the House of Representatives would approve the report of the joint committee. So I don’t fear that problem — and, frankly, I’m not afraid of the debate. If they want to have that debate, let’s have it.
Let’s separate the two issues, Rush. The debt ceiling is about debts that America has already incurred, obligations that we’ve already made. It’s like you going out and buying something on your credit card. You’re obligated to pay for it, and these debts have already been incurred — and, frankly, I think it’s the moral obligation of our government to meet its debts. Having said that, it is time. If you’re charging more than what you can afford, it’s time to start spending less. What I’m trying to do is set up a scenario with this bill that we’re trying to move through the House to force the Congress to finally act.
Then Congress will have to go through the regular process, which isn’t that hard in the House. It’s much harder in the Senate, and frankly this joint select committee was set up to facilitate a real vote to cut spending in the United States Senate.

This plan is stupid. This plan will send us even faster on fast track to hell.

This is what you get when let John Boehner and his merry band of idiots run the show the destruction of our country.

The add to the mix an evil Marxist Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, the Left and all the Libs this is a sure concoction that will blow this country smithereens.


Here is a novel idea don’t spend more than you take in.

Ten percent should be saved, ten percent to help the poor, and the rest take care of the bills.

Try it works,.

This is called ECON 101.