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Wanton Hatred is the core of evil


One who is full of himself fills all the space around him. There is no room left for anyone else. Therefore, he despises another person by virtue of the space that other person consumes. He may give reasons for his disdain, but the reasons are secondary.

This is called wanton hatred. It is the reason given for our exile. It is the core of all evil.

Its only cure is wanton acts of kindness and caring for the other guy beyond reason.


The Breath of Life-G-d’s word

Life and death resides in the word of G-d. When I wrap myself in G-d’s word and live a G-dly lifestyle I will have life. If I do it on my own and live outside of G-d’s word I will surely die.

The choice is mine. Live or die? I chose life.

Yeshua is the L-rd of my life.


The Daily wisdom from the Torah “Moses concluded his first address by reminding the Jewish people that their entry and continued residence in the Land of Israel depends on their loyalty to G‑d and His Torah. Moses then designated three cities to the east of the Jordan River as “cities of refuge” for unintentional murderers.

[Cities of refuge were established so an unintentional murderer] might flee to one of these cities in order that he might live. Deuteronomy 4:42

Someone who committed murder unintentionally had to remain in his city of refuge. He was not allowed to leave, for by doing so, he would expose himself to the vengeance of his victim’s relative, who was legally allowed to kill him. The unintentional murderer was not allowed outside his city of refuge even to save someone else’s life.

Similarly, the Torah is our “city of refuge.” Inside the Torah and the lifestyle that G‑d prescribes for us, we are spiritually alive; if we venture outside the confines of the Torah’s lifestyle, we expose ourselves to the risk of spiritual death.

This is true even if it seems that we can save someone’s life by making some compromise in the Torah’s directives. The Torah is synonymous with life, so only through loyalty to its principles can we both maintain our own spiritual vitality and preserve or enhance the spiritual vitality of others.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 38, p. 131.


G-d reveals HIS True Essence to us Jews

When G-d revealed to us HIS true essence at Mount Sinai we Jews were shown nothing is greater than HIM.

Moses then proceeded to describe the revelation of G‑d at the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.”


[Moses told the Jewish people that at Mount Sinai,] “You were shown in order to know that G d is the only deity. There is nothing other than Him.” Deuteronomy 4:35

The Rebbe explains: “By revealing His essence, which is beyond Creation, G‑d enabled us to transcend the limits of nature, as well. In order to overcome life’s challenges and tests, we need only remind ourselves that “there is nothing other than Him,” i.e., that nothing can constitute a real obstacle to fulfilling G‑d’s intentions, since everything, in the final analysis, is part of G‑d’s essence. Evoking this awareness elevates our Divine consciousness to the level of truly perceiving G‑d’s essence everywhere. This, in turn, serves to hasten the Messianic Redemption, when “the glory of G‑d will be revealed and all flesh will see it together.”1 Isaiah 40:5; Likutei Sichot, vol. 24, pp.


Doubt and Fear Slanders G-d

Moshe reminded us when we reacted with doubt and skepticism we rebuked G-d and HIS love towards us.

Our sages wrote; “Moses then reminded the Jewish people how they reacted to the scouts’ report after they had spied out the Land of Israel, accusing G‑d of exhibiting ill will toward them.

[Moses said to the Jewish people,] “You slandered G‑d in your tents, saying ‘G‑d took us out of Egypt out of His hatred of us.’ ” Deuteronomy 1:27

The Rebbe explains: “Until the Final Redemption, when there will no longer be any obstacles impeding the full revelation of G‑d’s goodness, opportunities will unfortunately remain to mistake G‑d’s love for us for cruelty. Our challenge, until the Messianic Era, is to remain fully aware that G‑d is at all times manifesting His love for us, even if it occasionally appears exactly the opposite. Remaining conscious of this love will inspire us to reciprocate it by fulfilling His will to our utmost ability. This, in turn, will eliminate the last remaining impediments to the Final Redemption.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 34, p. 23.



Forcing one’s will is a disaster

When we Jews try and force our will on any situation this only leads to disaster. I know I have done this same act of stupidity in my life. The results were disastrous.

I am learning that I must surrender my entire life, body and soul to the will of G-d and serve HIM.


Yeshua is the L-rd of my life. I want to be a slave to Yeshua.

Our sages wrote- “Moses then reminded the Jewish people that after they heard of G‑d’s plan to keep them in the desert for 40 years, some of them organized their own army and attempted to enter the Land of Israel on their own. But because they went against G‑d’s will and lacked Moses’ leadership, the nations who lived near the border of the land repulsed them.”

[Moses told the people,] “You rebelled against G‑d’s command and willfully ascended to the mountain.” Deuteronomy 1:43

The Rebbe explains: “These Jews had repented from the sin of the spies and now wanted to ascend to the Holy Land. Why was this wrong? We are taught that nothing ever stands in the way of repentance.

The answer is that the Land of Israel could only be conquered with the ark’s presence and Moses’ leadership. Repentance could erase the sins of the people, but it could not change the procedure necessary to acquire the land. Since these people were unwilling to submit to Moses’ leadership and wanted to conquer the land on their own, G‑d rejected their initiative.

The same is true in our day. The Torah has prescribed a precise procedure for the Messianic Redemption – as well as for all forms of personal redemption. Any attempt to bypass steps in the redemptive process is doomed to failure. Hastening the Redemption, just like success in any endeavor, is possible only when our approach conforms with G‑d’s plan. Hence the importance of studying the Torah ourselves and seeking out the guidance of qualified Torah scholars in all aspects of our lives.1 Igrot Kodesh, vol. 7, p. 280.


Repentance is the key


Repentance is the key. If we truly repent G-d will save us. Korach’s two sons were  two of key leaders in the rebellion against Moshe yet they repent in their hearts and were spared death.

I too have done some horrible things in my life. When I cried out to G-d and repented of my evils ways and turned back to G-d he forgave me and saved my life.

Yeshua is the L-rd of my life.

Korach’s sons did not die [in their father’s mutiny]. Numbers 26:11

The Rebbe explains: The sons of Korach played a key role in his rebellion, and were therefore swallowed up into the ground along with the other rebels. However, since Korach’s sons – unlike the others – repented in their hearts, they were spared the death penalty: G‑d allowed them to stay alive in an underground cave until the rest of their generation died out, after which He allowed them to emerge from hiding and resume their lives in the community. Had they acted upon their regret, they would have been spared even this lesser punishment. Their survival shows us the tremendous power of repentance – even when it is not acted upon as it should be.

This insight should quiet any doubts that we may have about the possibility of redemption in our times. Even merely thinking about repenting is sufficient to bring about the final Redemption – especially when this is added to the merits we have accrued throughout our long exile: the Torah we have studied, the commandments we have performed, and the martyrdom we have suffered.1


Yeshua is The L-rd of my Life


The foundation of the Temple is built on acts of kindness and love. Mix this with acts of Holiness G-d will have HIS Dwelling place. You see Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. Yeshua is the L-rd of my life. This means I am the L-rd’s slave. This is the best deal of my life.

The Rebbe explains in the Daily Wisdom of the Torah: “Balaam loathed G‑d and His emissaries, the Jewish people, with a passion. By rising early to set out on his mission of evil, he hoped to “remind” G‑d how quick the Jews had been to rebel against Him. But G‑d informed Balaam that his quickness had been preempted by that of the patriarch Abraham. Abraham had risen early in the morning in order to lovingly and devotedly fulfill G‑d’s command to sacrifice his son Isaac. The merit of Abraham’s love of G‑d counterbalanced Balaam’s hatred. Abraham’s love had been inherited by the Jewish people; their rebellions in the desert had merely been temporary lapses in their inherent, undying devotion to G‑d.

Similarly, whenever we find ourselves having to repair the damage we might have caused by having deliberately disregarded G‑d’s will, the surest way to make amends for such misdeeds is to bolster our love for Him. This love will in turn transform past misdeeds into the motivation for doing good.”


I am so happy and proud to have Pastor Steve Gray World Revival Church as my teacher. Thank you G-d for having Pastor Steve Gray stay to true to his calling.

I love you Pastor Steve.